A fondly remembered affair

Many years ago I had an affair with a woman who I worked with. When I say worked with, we worked in the same building but not with one another all day.
We were both married!
Now those of you who have been through such affairs will know that the most difficult thing is to find places where you can make love. Obviously back home is out!
We had a number of places, depending on the time of day etc. But one of our favorites was a little forest behind our building, there were paths through it but we used to see nobody until one fateful day...
She was on her knees in front of me giving me a BJ and I was cuming and then she pushed out the c** left in my tube (that one under the p****) and licking it off - I really love that bit.
I looked to my side and there stood a little old lady watching us having oral s**.
So we finished and pulled our clothes back up or down and started talking to us and we had a little chat and she invited us back to her place for a cup of tea. She had a little bungalow not far from our workplace. Well time was out that day so we said what about tomorrow and she said yes.
So next day we go round to her place for a cup of tea and before long we are again making out, 69ing etc and the little old lady is sat there watching.
Now I found this very rotic and so did my lover and it went on for about 18 months, stopping (sort of) when the affair ended.
She would always watch, sometimes touching my p**** or my lovers p**** and a few times he would lick some c** up.
On days when my lover was not around and after the affair ended I used to pop round to see this lovely, sweet old lady. Things would go a little further then, of course. Yes she had droopy t*** but her p**** was lovely and tasted divine and she loved to give me a BJ.
This went on until she died about 15 years ago and I really miss those wonderful moments.

Wow I have never told anyone this before.

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  • I think us 'old dears' could show young blokes (and women, I am bi) a thing or two.
    I am now in my late 70s and enjoy s** whenever I can get it. I always try it on with chaps who come to my house; gas meter, plumbers, delivery drivers. OK quite often they are shocked and beat a hasty retreat but more often they are responsive. It is also priceless to see the look on their faces when a sweet old lady starts caressing their 'meat-and-2-veg' - absolutely priceless.
    But I have spent some wonderful afternoons being banged by a handsome plumber or electrician and it helps to keep the bill down.
    What is more difficult is to find young bi or lesbian women who want suck and lick an old biddy like me. Couple years since I had a lesbian experience and even longer since I had a three or foursome.
    I had a lovely tradesmen filling up all my orifices just a few days ago though. So mustn't grumble.

  • I am a man in my 20s and my wife is 76! I have always gone out with much older women, they have always been so much more attractive to me.
    My wife's friends often pop round and I will do a striptease for them, the things those women do! My wife loves it that I am the centre of attention for her friends and I just love c****** all over them. It's a win-win!

  • I am an 83 year old women and I wish I was one of your wife's friends. I love to suck c***.

  • I would love to meet you dear lady. I am a man in my 30s and I love s** with older women. I always say 'if you aint f***** an 80 year old women then you aint lived'.

    We must meet up but preferably when you don't have a plumber in, if you see what I mean.

  • You are both dirty scumbags. You were eating out old 80+ saggy grannies? The mind boggles.

  • Some years ago my next door neighbor, a lady in her 80s used to pop round on Saturday mornings. Which was a bit suggestive because my missus works (did then) on a Saturday morning.
    Our house, at the time had a downstairs bathroom, right next to the front door. I was in the bathroom completely naked when she knocked on the door. Luckily I had a bathrobe, albeit quite short, so I popped it on and answered the door. It was the mature lady from next door.
    I let her in and I noticed that she kept looking down at my crutch and of course being a bloke I was sat the legs akimbo and looking down even I could see my d***. I quickly made some excuse and got rid of her as quick as I could. I was just so frightened as to what would happen.

    All week I could think of nothing else and when I did I would get enormous erections and had to tug myself off on numerous occasion.

    So next Sat I am there with the same bathrobe on and nowt else! She knocks and sits the opposite side of the room and I could immediately see she had no knickers, which is a shame in one way because I love to sell the crutch. But good news in every other way.

    So I walked over to her and sat between her legs. She grabbed hold of my head and thrust it into her minge, I could not believe her strength. She kept c****** and my jaw was getting very painful, it went on for hours. She then tugged me off getting a huge facial.

    Like you this affair with a granny went on until she became weaker and we could only do fondling and stuff, she died about 4 years ago. Also like you I miss her so much. Older women have much softer b****** with very light pink nipples, I used to suck and lick them for hours.

    I have never though of taking another 80 year old, she was too special.

  • If you would like another granny lover then I live in Swindon and would like to play with a younger man.
    Luv from me

  • Do you sell or smell the crutch of panties? Smell I hope, does anything smell better?

  • I love to smell panties and when I take a women's panties off I will ALWAYS smell and lick them inside at the cruch. You simply can't beat it and it gives me an enormous b**** which never fails to impress.

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