Had my "friend" arrested

About 3 years ago I went to a Halloween party with my best friend at the time who happened to be a lesbian. I am straight male in my late 20's who had no GF at the time. I realized that nothing would ever happen between us sexually/relationship wise, but in the back of my mind always longed for it.

So we go to this party that is 45 minutes away from where we live. We ended up in town about 2 hours before the party even starts. So we sat in a Popeye's Chicken parking lot as she started drinking some whiskey and Coke. She brought like two pints for herself. So she was pretty buzzed before we even get there. So we wait for the party to start and we get over there and start having a good time. Needless to say, there was a lot of booze and weed smoking going on. About 2 hours later I'm chilling inside and the hostess of the party comes up to me and says "She's getting out of control and causing a scene".

So I go outside and she's wanting to fight this girl because "the girl slapped her for no reason". This isn't the first time someone "has hit her for no reason". She get drunk and starts talking mad s*** to people she doesn't even know, which turns out is exactly what happened here. It was like she turned into a f****** 4 year old with behavioral problems. She kept trying to drive home (without me!) and we were able to get her keys away from her. This s*** went on for like two hours and I was totally embarrassed by her behavior. I finally asked her if she wants to go home and that I would drive her back and she said yes.

So we start driving back and about 3 blacks down the street she says "Pull over". I'm asked her why and she said that I can't drive her car. She tried telling me that "if I get pulled over, the cops would arrest me because her car has dealer plates and they would aromatically consider it a stolen car". I told her "if you got pulled over you're getting a DUI". I told her she was way to f****** drunk to drive home and she's going to kill herself, me, and any other people out on the road. She kept threatening me that she would never talk to me again and kept talking s***. I tried to to reason with her, but you really can't reason with drunks.

I finally had enough and pulled over in the first town on our way home and told her if she wants to drive she can, but I'm not going with her. Without batting an eye, she f****** drove away without me. Remember this is Halloween night, I have no winter jacket, I'm forty miles from home, and it's about 32 degrees outside. I stood there and couldn't believe she left me like that. Then my sadness turned to anger. Maybe it was more then a felling of betrayal, perhaps it was deep seeded anger over her not wanting me more then a friend and that she would rather be with a underage 15 year old girl( that's a whole another story). About 3 minutes pass after I cry my eyes out in frustration, I get on my phone and call the Illinois State Police to report a drunk driver. I then called my folks to come get me (which I have never had to do before) and I tell them the whole story.

On the drive back home we saw a cruiser with someone pulled over and it was her. Not only did she get a DUI that night, she also got popped with possession of cannabis and paraphernalia and spent the rest of the night in jail. The next morning I get a text from her saying " F****** called the cops on me? F*** you!". I didn't even write anything back. I've never talked to her since.

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  • The girl sounds like a real idiot. U probably saved someones life that night. What did u see in Her in the first place. U did the right thing calling the police. Imagine if she had an accident it would have been your fault for not doing anything.

  • How come it is ok to be a pedophile if you are gay, even considered hot, but straight pedophiles everyone wants to kill?

  • i don't know what is wrong with most of the people here but you did the absolute right thing in that situation calling the police was the best decision i know because my father is a police officer and im studying to be one also that "friend" of yours seems like a real b**** anyway... pardon my french

  • This guy is such a tool. I hope someone does him dirty too. It would be the kind of karma a tool like this deserves.

  • I thinks it's a sad state of affairs when people are defending a drunk driving pedophile.

  • How does this freakin guy sleep at night? He must be one of those conscienceless sociopaths.

  • Usually I squirt a big load of j*** all over your mom's ass and then pass out on a queen sized bed. That's how I sleep.

  • lol, you'd be doing it in the afterlife. But, I don't think a p**** like you would be jizzing anyone's mother. I think you'd be somebody's b**** taking it up the ass. You have a feminine way of writing that suggests you like sucking duck and swallowing the j*** you like to write about. In a word, you're a f****** p**** with no b****.

  • sucking duck!?!

  • Squealing on a girl to the police? No decent guy would do that. This guy's a loser. Next time he gets drunk, which I'm sure is often, I hope someone calls the police on him!

  • Yeah, reporting DUI's is such a loser thing to do.

  • Exactly.

  • Notice how "defensive" this guy is. He's hiding something.

  • I was thinking exactly the same thing. After all she's not here to defend herself. All we have is a guy who calls the cops on her rather than helping her. It sounds fishy to me, and I think the guy's not telling the truth.

  • Driving her home isn't helping her? Really? So me pulling over and getting out because I'm afraid of what kind of s*** she'd going to pull on me while I'M DRIVING was wrong? I wasn't about to get f***** up on the highway and result in a DUI for myself to save her sorry ass! F*** that. I'm not going to stick my neck out for ANYONE like that just because someone can't control themselves and hold their liquor?

  • I'm actually shocked at the number of comments defending her and her actions. I don't know if you guys are just trolling, but if not you guys are some amoral fuckwads.

  • I think there's more to this story. I'll bet this j*** hit on the girl and she rejected him because he's probably creepy looking.

    So being a p**** like many men are he called the cops on her to get even. J***!

  • She left me in a town 40 miles from my house with no winter jacket in 30 F degree weather at 2-3 in the morning. I was lucky that I had a cell phone that worked otherwise I would have probably would have eventually gone into hypothermia eventually. There was a single gas station in town and it was closed. F*** you. The only hitting that was going on that night was her hitting other people, so again, f*** you.

  • What a crock of bullshit.

  • "False friends are worse than open enemies."

  • You wouldn't want to be on a battlefield and have to depend on this guy. He'd shoot your ass to save himself.

  • Why would anyone want to save a amoral r***** like yourself?

  • A little follow up to this story. I found out that her ex that was with her for 5 years( who's also a friend of mine) told me that she would get wasted at bars and do s*** like spit in her face and slap her around.

    Also this summer she was arrested at gun point, no doubt, for staging a fake robbery at a coffee shop with a friend of hers. They went in their with fake guns and wigs thinking that their mutual friend was working that day. Well turns out she wasn't and the employees and witnesses freaked out and called the cops. Cops showed up and made them come out with guns drawn and arrested them both. If that tells you anything of her thought process, nothing will.

  • Act like a c***, get treated like one.

  • The guy's a b****. If he were your supposed friend, you'd never be able to turn your back on him. He'd sell you out in a heartbeat. He'd be the canary who'd be singing to the police to save his ass at your expense. He has no honor. He'd s**** you over in the workplace to try to advance himself by ratting you out to the boss for anything he could get on your or make up. He has no loyalty. He'd f*** you over in a New York second. In a word, he sucks and is a loser. And whatever you do, watch your back when you're around him.

    The brainless morons who are applauding his disloyalty are only going on his excuses for s******* over a friend. There are two sides to every story, and you nimrods are convicting the girl without hearing her side. Idiots!

  • Eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth. No one ever f**** with me and gets away with it, especially someone I consider a friend. I was nothing but an outstanding friend to her, getting her a job, going on vacations with her, hooking her up with weed, being with her when she had no one else. And this was the thanks I get.

    Oh and you call me a rat? I could have narked her out and had her sent to prison for sexually molesting a 15 year old girl, but I didn't. She all ready had a restraining order against her by the girls parents, but I knew about everything they did, even the d****-ing action that was going on between a 28 year old women and a girl that couldn't even. All it would have taken is one phone call to the girls mom and she would have been f*****.

  • I agree this punk is a rat. Don't turn you back on him.

  • Ditto!

  • I think it was right to call the cops. It was also funny. This girl sounds like a b**** and crazy on top of it.

  • She's a drunk, bi polar, l**** pedophile.

  • Well done. You are my hero. The ones telling you that you are a snitch are idiots. What else were you supposed to do?

  • I guess take the chance of her throwing the car into park while I'm going 65 MPH down the interstate? I seriously had to keep my hand on the shifter the whole time.

  • You were no friend. You were a stool pigeon. This is what a real friend is:

    "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies."

    It's all about Omertà, the code of silence. You show your loyalty and be a stand up guy no matter what. Most of all, you never rat out a friend.

  • Whoever wrote this is a f*cking idiot. Go ride with a drunk driver and kill yourself.

  • "Whoever wrote this is a f*cking idiot. Go ride with a drunk driver and kill yourself."

    Whoever wrote this is a f*cking loser and no doubt another stool pigeon. Kiss my ass you back stabbing piece of s***.

  • whoever wrote this is in the mafia

  • Rat!

  • Okay, deal, I'll suck your wiener, but you'll have to wine and dine me first.

  • Snitch!

  • You did the right thing to call the cops but it was wrong of you to let her drive while being drunk. What if she had an accident and died? Or what if she ran over a person? That would've been your responsibility. Luckily, she was arrested. She sounds like what people call an "a******", so you're lucky that you got rid of her as a friend. She's also a pedophile.

  • True. I shouldn't have let her go. But I was fairly drunk myself and not thinking 100%. I just never thought she would leave me there like she did. Looking back I should have just waited for her to get out of the car like I was going to have her drive, and then lock the doors real fast as I stayed in the car. She could b**** and whine all she wanted or called the cops on me, but they would have known what was up and hopefully supported my decision. And yes she's a pedophile which at the time I bothered me and put a strain on my opinion of her, but this situation just cemented my feelings about her.

  • Regardless of what you were feeling or feeling the need to teach her a lesson, you did the right thing. I would have called the cops too. Be glad you never dated her, she sounds like a giant a pain in the ass. Always placing blame on someone else, never taking responsibility. She's selfish and immature. She has a lot of growing up to do. There are some friends that you don't need to be in your life.

  • Thank you!. At least someone has some common sense on this board!

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