Should I?

I a 20 year old bi female and have a small circle of bi or lezz friends. I have had s** with men but mainly hsvr girl-on-girl fun.
I recently visited one of my neighbours, they are both around 60 but keep themselves fit - always out jogging etc.
He answered the door and took me round the back to a sheltered patio area, which is not overlooked at all. I was very surprised to see that she was sunbathing in the nude. He went off to fix some drinks and she sat up and spread her legs to show off her p****. When he came back he was also nude and was very well hung. So what can a poor girl do? Yes you guessed I took my clothes off and started to lick her p**** and before I knew it his member was inside me - what bliss. He eventually came inside his wife and I licked the c** from her p**** and all three of us started snogging and swapping his c** - even more bliss.
I have visited them again since and once went with her to some all female friends and we had a wonderful time.
Now she has asked me if I fancy a bukkake evening with her and a husband and a bunch of his bi-friends. I haven't said yes but the thought of c** dripping down her and my faces is too much resist.
What do you thik, should I do it|

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  • Why you not confessed more??? :) Sid

  • Jill, I'd love to hear more! (:

  • Young lady you need to be very careful. The fact of the matter is that you HAVE become a little s*** and if you carry on in this way it will dominate all of your relationships. Both with men and women. These people you have met up with are obviously grooming you for a life in p***, you are the right age and I assume you are good looking and have a nice body. This would be a tragedy for you. I have helped a number of women get over this so-called c** crazy and it is done by aversion therapy. My methods have to remain secret until you start the regime.
    I beg of you to reconsider what you have been doing recently and we will find a way to contact one another and start to work together.

  • This person is hilarious with their "s*** therapy". As if every girl who is sexually free to fulfill her desires goes into p***. Sounds like Christian fundamentalist brainwashing to me. "P*** is ruining families and the gays are taking over the world", tell it to someone who isn't swinging and still having a more honest married life than most of these uptight religious "saints".

  • Yeah and I bet your aversion therapy is you and your mates c****** all over me. Well that won't work cos' I love being covered in c**. Still if you are ever in Bristol look me up.

    I am going away tomorrow for a long weekend with the old couple Pat and Ron. It is Ron's 80th birthday on Sunday and me and Pat are going to suck him dry. Mind you the dear only produces a small amount of c** these days but he enjoys his o****** and it still tastes lovely. Exams are successfully over and I have some time on my hands so looking forward to it.

    They are such a sweet couple and I am trying to convince Pat to recount some of her experiences on this forum. Remember they started the bi group and Pat has some lovely stories to tell.

  • Yes. Go for it!
    Please confess on here as well, I would love to hear the story

  • I rang her last night and said yes and she said we will go for it this week some time.
    Can't wait for all that man juice over my face and in my mouth and then licking her all over. She says that the smell and taste of c** makes you go crazy. She called it c** cray and she showed me a film of an oldish (50 or so) woman going c** crazy. It was amazing because when this women took her first load you could see she was really nervous. Frightened even. But after another 10 or more she was crying out for more and more.
    Can't wait to go crazy.
    btw what is your name, mine is Jill.

  • I did it last night and it was wonderful. I met up with my friends and we drove out from Bristol to a very large house in the country. This place had everything including a complex at the back with gym, large pool and a bar. When we got there we found about 15 couples (of widely varying ages) already there, the women were frolicking in the pool all naked and the men were in the bar drinking and s******* one another. I have never seen anything like this before. I was told that all of the people there were bi-sexual, most were hetero relationships but a few were in same-s** relationships and some solo like me. Me and Emmy joined the girls in the pool and started to have fun and boy was it fun. After a little frolic we started to discuss the evenings main event - The Bukkake. With all the women there I thought I would miss out but no I was the guest of honour, being a newbie and the youngest person there. The other women would be me friend Emma and our host Pat, who at 78 was the oldest women there.
    So we prepared by putting some very sexy underwear on and rubbing oil on our bodies and making sure that all 3 p****** were nice and moist - gosh that was fun. Pat and her partner Ron had started up this group and over a number of years had 'enrolled' bisexuals ONLY. What a great idea.
    So we went into 'The Naughty Room' and some of the women were employed 'hrubbers' - is that the right word for people who help to keep the males erect in p*** films? Not sure.
    At first I was very nervous and apprehensive. My nipples were tweaked, licked and sucked; I had a long tongue up my p**** and 4 or 5 blokes were jerking of less than two foot from my head and in the background I can see blokes s******* one another. Eventually the first one is ready to spray over me, btw I could see that Pat and Emma already had at least one and I could see Emma licking c** off Pat's t*** - I very nearly c** then. (..cont below)

  • So I get my first load and it was very warm and ran down my face, it was a big 'un. Pat and Emma started to lick it off and I was being shagged - so I came like never before. It was so intense and just seemed to go on for ever. My apprehension disappeared and I just wanted more and more and I got it and I went 'c** crazy' although it was more of a frenzy I think. The boys, bless them all, went on for ages, many of them came twice (or more). In all it lasted about 2 hours. I couldn't stop talking on the car drive home. Emma ordered me into the back with Rob and told me to suck his c*** until we got home, just to keep me quiet. It worked for me but Rob was noisy.

    Wow what a night the taste and smell of c***, c** and p**** juices was overwhelming. I simply cannot wait for the next session.

    They asked e if they would mind me filming the next session. I don't know, I don't want people I know seeing the film and thinking I am a little s***.


  • I did not mean to comment that so many times, sorry Jill.

  • Don't worry, I will keep stories coming and will sign them JS, they will all be true. I have been and still an a very naughty girl. As my post above suggested I got into the p*** industry, I love it and it pays well. Pat and Rob have become like parents to me apart from the s** I have with them. I have had a couple more bukkake sessions and these were filmed and have appeared on internet sites, I am very proud of them.

  • I'll sign my comment Sid, oooooh you're on film!
    Very sexy. ;)

  • Anymore stories??? (:

  • Wow wish I could meet you

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