I think I'm in love

I've always been shy, before this I only had s** with one other person and it was my fiance.However, that ended badly and now I have been single for some time.

I work in an office building,I can't say where, only that I file paperwork and clean up after my 'boss'.... and that this is where my trouble began.

Lately, I've been staying late, telling my roommates that I have paper work to file, but in reality, I am messing around with my boss. He's ten years older than me, and also a shy, unsuspecting type like myself. We are both very reserved, modest, even bookish people... He's never been with anyone before, not even ever kissed a girl, because he is so timid and awkward.

A few months ago, we found ourselves alone, and he blurted that every time he saw me, he wanted to rip my clothes off. It came out of nowhere, and he walked away, looking ashamed of himself. I blushed and said nothing, but later after everyone else was gone, we ended up alone again... and when he tried to kiss me I did not stop him. It escalated to me getting on my knees, and unzipping his pants. Before, I always hated giving head with my fiance, but this was just... awesome. He's at least twice as big, and tastes good. I made him c** three times the first time we did this, since it was his first b******. I was surprised that I had no problem swallowing, something I have never done or wanted to do before.

Now every time we see each other we kind of laugh a bit because no one else knows, and we are thought of to be such prudes, it's almost funny to think of us doing such improper things when everyone else goes home for the night.

Now it's been a few months, and I have been lavishing oral attention on my boss while I teach him how to touch a female and how to make a girl o*****... I have to say, he's learning very well, but something happened the last time I stayed late with him, and it's the reason I felt a need to post here.

I was on my knees under his desk, and just after he finished, I started to feel some kind of guilt or shame from being so... kinky. He asked what was wrong, and I told him I felt like a bad person for being so casual with s**. It was something I took seriously before, and I hated the idea of being so easy, or him thinking I was like this for everyone I met... His reaction surprised me. He picked me up and held me and said without missing a beat, that he doesn't think it's too casual, because he thinks I love him. Then he just whispered, that he loves me too.

I think I'm in love.

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  • And the problem here is? Go for it!

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