Odd fantasies for a man?

The thought of women in control humiliating me makes me harder than anything else. Am I odd for having such fantasies?
I want to be strapon f*****, c** on women's p******/feet/t*** and be forced to licked to lick it off, humiliated for having a tiny d*** (I'm 5.5 inches but am maybe only 2 inches when soft), I want to be kicked in the b****, have stiletto high heels stood on my d***, I want to be gang-banged by a bunch of sexy women I know with strapons, p***** on, farted in my face and then have to lick a*******.

I know some of these sound gay but the thought of a man and his c*** doing things makes me want to vomit whereas a woman with a strapon turns me on uncontrollably. The thought of women in charge - demanding, demeaning, teasing & humiliating is pure ecstasy to me. The thought of sucking a male d*** is pure vile but gagging on a woman's strapon is somewhat of a turn on. I have no attraction to men whatsoever which is why I find these fantasies odd.

But being dressed in women's underwear whilst being f***** by a group of my wife's friends makes me shoot my load unctrollably. Maybe I am just a little b**** who needs a mistress... I'm not sure how I'd feel licking another man's c** out of a woman, the thought makes me think that's a step too far but at the same time could be the ultimate humiliation. But right now being force fed my own c** would be enough, no matter how hard I try once I c** I just can't lick it up. The only way is to come over pizza and eat it. I dream of licking a woman clean from my c** inside her. I know once I become a sissy b**** for a woman it'll never stop, maybe that's what I'm meant to be, as sissy s** slave to a bunch of women to humiliate and serve to please their every pleasure...

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