Neighbors wife

I live next door to a married couple,and she is really good looking.When i see her i often tease her,i thought she didn't mind the teasing but her husband said she gets irritated with me.I always thought he that he was dominated by her.One day i was invited over for a cook out.When i went in the house i found him in the corner naked and with a red ass,she closed the door and told me she had had enough crap from me.I was ordered to drop my pants and get over her knee NOW. Needless to say i did as i was told.She gave me 25 smacks with a big hair brush.Afterward i was told to disrobe completely and get in the other corner and put my hands behind my head.After 10 minutes her husband and me were ordered to kneel at her feet and kiss them. She then told us that she would like us to do 69 on each other, i said i didn't think i wanted to do that,i was grabbed by my neck and pulled across her lap and was given 50 smacks until i had tears running down my cheeks,i said i'm ready.She took me off her lap and put me on the floor and wiped away the tears,now a want you boys to perform for me.Well needless to say,this has been going on for quite awhile.

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  • WOW,what a great arrangement

  • Bullshit

  • I have that dream too

  • Right..sure it has.

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