Me and my PE teacher

My name is Stephanie and if you've read my previous confession, you'll understand some of the stuff.

The other day my PE class did gymnastics and man, watching my PE teacher demonstrate was so hot. Then in the change room it was only a few of us left and she came in. The others had finished and I was alone. She asked if I was uncomfortable with her being, because I was in my underwear but
I liked her being there.

She took off her jacket and vest until she was just wearing her shirt, which really showed her body. Any of you who read my other confession will know I have a massive stomach fetish. The next thing is kinda weird but I think her stomach growled, because I heard a low noise and she looked kinda embarrassed. That is a turn on and I wanted to do two things. Touch myself and tell my PE teacher I have a crush on her.

I really can't wait for when we do s** ED, her talking about the female body will really excite me.

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  • Adding to the changeroom bit, I was kinda embarrassed because I had eaten a lot for recess and had a mini food bump.

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