Close friend

About a year ago a family friend (I've known her since I was like 7) and I went to this music festival. On the plane back something kinda weird happened. I'd taken sort've a nap on the plain so I was just re-waking up. We were still in the air but I stretched and I guess that kindve led to an erection. My friend was sitting next to me (I'll call her m) and she was kinda staring at my erection. ( I was wearing jeans so it's not that bad) in any case we're both virgins and she confessed that she often wondered what male organs were like. A few exchanges later and she asked if she could touch mine. I was a little nervous but I agreed. So she stuck her hand in my pants and before I knew it she was feeling it. Notice I said feeling. She wasn't like wanking it or anything but she was just trying to kinda familiarize herself with it. As this continued she got really handy and wanted to touch, everywhere. Before I knew it I was close to my o***** and she seemed really interested in making me c**. I guess she was curious about e********** too. She started going faster and harder and in the heat of passion I asked her if I could touch her too. She admitted that she was aroused and said I could go ahead. I remember that her hands were really soft and also that she didn't shave down there. I remember pushing a finger in and running around. A woman across the aisle was kindve half watching likely not believing what she might've been seeing. In any case I came pretty hard and she just sniffed a my s**** and tried to play with me again. I explained that I was very sensitive now and that I couldn't do it again so we just stopped. We haven't talked about it since.

Oct 4, 2015

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  • Yo tell her you wanna f*** her brains out, for real. Just straight up say it. She's gonna say yes. If she feels. Om for table smelling your j*** dude, she's gonna be more than happy when you f*** her brains out. Just ask.

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