I've been with my good share of girls.
And each and everyone of them treated me like s***, they told me they loved me- and you know it- they left.

Tossed me away. Like a replaceable doll.

Well, one night I meet a girl.. let's call her sweatpea. I wanna keep things anonymous.
She lives in Missouri and I've been talking to her on youtube passively for a couple of months.
One night I was talking to her, telling her a dream I had the night before. As I was telling her the dream she busted out this confession about how she's so lonely and she was scared to high h*** of cutting her self because she felt like no one is there for her.

I JUST got out of a relationship with a real b****. And I understand how it felt like to be dropped like a rock and left to feel alone. I knew I wouldn't be able to calm her with written text. So I told her to get on a chat program, she said yahoo chat, I downloaded it just for her.

I put on my microphone, and we started talking. The next night we did the same, and the night after that.

I couldn't touch her she's in a whole nother state, I live in California. But that didn't matter, she was a real person, who actually cared about me, she wanted to talk to me more than any other person I've ever met in my whole entire life. She was through the same thing I was!
She too had been with her share of guys and she just wanted someone to care about her.

It was great, I found my one.

Than she started going out with guys. She tells me she still loves me but what love?
If she can't even hold on to me and tell me she's there for me and only me.. what kinda love is she talking about?

I'm stuck inlove with a girl who's long moved on. And I'm not in any kind of position to move on myself. Actually I haven't been in that position for the last 2 years.
I was just kinda left here.

Looks like she turned me into what she was 3 years ago.
Guess that's not her problem, I can't force her to love me again, she's going to keep putting up with ass holes because she can't wait for real love. I guess that's the plan.

My plan? Idk.. wait I guess. that's all I can do.

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  • I like you. I can relate to your story big time, with a similar experience of my own.

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