Confused love

Hello everyone whos reading this. I have been reading other stories and some people have inspired me to write my story. Im not sure if this will help me , but I have no one else to tell...
Since I started dating my partner I have lost all my friends and most family. I love him unconditionally. I have made a mistake in the past many years ago. Since i came clean he has been really rough with me.
He didnt leave, he chose to stay with me and make my life h***. It started with a slap when he draw blood out my lip. It wasnt his fault. It is never his fault. Its either me p****** him of or i led us to this. Sometimes when he is rageing he strangles me and i struggle to breathe. Sometimes he just "pushes" me. I have bruises all over my body. I have to lie that strangle bruises are love bites. Whenever we fight , mainly its just me listening. I get thrown out the house. One time i told him i will call the police , he wanted to traumatise me before i go. He threatens to take our child away, and if legally he cant, then he will run the country. He would rather kill me than see me happy. I cry all the time. I am loosing hair. I feel like in last 3 months i have lost about half of my hair. I barely manage to eat once a day, im loosing weight rapidly. I feel our child is not happy, violent in nursery. I dont want to leave him because i love him too much, but i feel like i am not happy at all. I cry more than i smile. I dont want my child to have a broken home. I dont know whats best for us


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  • That is not love. You love a monster who may end up killing you and your child one day. If you want to love someone, love yourself and your child enough to know that you both deserve better. If you need a reason to leave, look at your child. Doesn't matter what you want anymore. That child is being damaged by keeping in a home of abuse and violence. Make your plan to leave. But also be very careful with an abusive partner. A lot of it is about control and the moment you leave will be the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship. Because he will feel as though he has lost control over you. Don't wait for the next beating to occur. Read the other comments. You owe him nothing. Do this today. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline - Support, resources and advice for your safety 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

  • Take your kid and leave a single parent is better for the childnthan growing up watching his dad beat his mom up and eventually it will lead to him having a dead mom and a father in prison if this rat b****** doesn't end up killing you both. There are no mistakes you could have made that would deserve a life of torment and h*** and your child is innocent completely. You don't deserve to be treated that way for any reason. I admit I don't understand the psychology of battered spouses but that guy is not a man. I cannot imagine why women allow this sort of thing to escalate. My girlfriends ex slapped her once and she ditched that ass hat on the spot took the kid and left. I hope you find the courage to leave. Speak to a lawyer before you call the cops or do anything they may be able to ensure that s*** head doesn't get any parental rights and may be able to help get you out of there. I wish you the best of luck! Stay safe!

  • Me and my siblings grew up in a situation like this and now we are scarred for life. The abuse even started to spill over on us. 37yrs later none of my siblings nor I have any contact with them and they are not apart of our children's lives. Document the abuse and take pictures and video if you can. There are resources out there to help you, but you have to tell somebody. You have to get a plan in place and stick to it. What if he get in a rage,hits you and kills you. Then where would your kids be. LOVE isn't supposed to hurt. The kids are already acting out. The law will not grant him any rights to the kids with this behavior. Make amends with your family/friends and let them know you were afraid so you did whatever he said out of fear and survival. There are strength in numbers. You have to notify the proper authorities and get out, while your able to WALK out.

  • I have lived what you are living.

    Your child already lives in a broken home, and he will grow up to be abusive too - my child started showing signs of this at 13. He is in therapy now and the police have helped us immensely!

    Trust me when I tell you, YOU NEED TO GET A RESTRAINING ORDER YESTERDAY & IF YOU NEED FINANCIAL HELP GET TO A DTA AGENCY, they can set you up in a shelter til they help you get housing.

    You are confused - how can you love someone who does this to you?
    I knew I didn't love my ex but thought staying for my son to have his dad was the right thing (I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG)!

    Please if for nothing more than the future if your child please get out of there!

    It will damage your child's' self esteem, they will suffer with anxiety, which will also effect their learning in school!

    GO NOW- GO

  • Your child is in a broken home right now and he won't stop until you're dead. Take your child, go to your family and tell them the truth and ask for help. The first time you covered for him he knew he owned you. Run while you can for your child's well being and your life. Btw, I'm a big guy and I had to run myself.

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