Shame on you

To all the b****** out there who keep popping out children out of wedlock, and then neglect these children because the baby daddy didn't stick around:

Pay attention to your children - give them some loving attention (it isn't all about you)

Feed them

Buy them new shoes every year (not every 3 or so)

Wash their clothes (they smell and people notice)

Stop bringing men in and out of their lives, this potentially harms them and do you really know who these guys are

If you can afford cigarettes, pot, fake nails (you can afford to feed them and wash their damn clothes

Stop expecting everyone else including your neighbors to pay for your incompetence because they will get sick of it and cut you off, especially when your kids are rude and disrespectful to our kids after we've taken them places, fed them and paid through the nose!

Kids should not be playing outside in rainstorms and after 11:00 when they are under 10 years old

Stop sabotaging their academic futures by not encouraging a proper bedtime

Take them to a dr annually, and they have this new invention (it's called immunizations)

Stop teaching your kids it's ok to smoke pot, it is a gateway drug. Teach them to be strong mentally - not just try to bully other people!

Apparently there needs to be a handbook for some idiots

Jul 9, 2015

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  • I'm guessing this is aimed at black people

  • Way to keep the race/victimization game rolling along, idiot.

    It's very obviously aimed at people who breed but don't parent! If you're black and you feel guilty reading it, it's not because you are black, it's because you suck as a parent.

    Quit hiding behind the race card and **own your $hit.** Otherwise nothing will change, which I think people like you prefer because that means you can keep going through life acting like "dindus". There is a reason the real racists like to call you that, so stop giving them ammunition!!! DUH.

  • Comment below: I agree with some variables.

    Every person on govt assistance whether it be tafdc or ssi disability for bogus new disabilities like cocaine psychosis should be drug tested, there should also be a cap on new babies born to parents with these disabilities (I actually knew a girl who bragged to me that she and her husband were planning to have a 3rd child because they would get another 300 a month for each child). I only knew her through school sports and was horrified at what a lazy pot smoking filthy pig she was?

    Tafdc (welfare has a 5 year limit in a persons lifetime, the lazy ones have figured this out and migrated to the ssi system therefore insuring it's collapse eventually.

    I also believe there should be random (even if only once a year due to budgets) home inspections.

    I also believe that the system couldn't handle the amount of children that would be taken away.

    I personally had 2 neighbors who we recently found out thru police logs that their parents were heroin addicts; one of the parents would leave her little ones to fend for themselves for days and they were 7 and under. The mother also worked for a drs' office.

    I suspected something wasn't right because the oldest child looked like she had scabies on her face for over a year, but on the surface her mother seemed ok so I chalked it up to maybe skin condition. The child also never came out to play - not once! Again, nothing really credible to report, yet it turned out those children were secretly neglected and abused :(

    What angers me is when the system doesn't work even when given credible exacting information, and seeing these children's look of constant sadness. Children should be taken care of and happy.

    I hate the way the world is going - and how people truly can be so selfish!

  • I think the people that gets any kind of government assistance should be randomly drug tested, using blood or hair samples only. If the results are positive then the need to enter mandatory rehab. If there is no improvements then cut the assistance off and put the child in the system . They should also implement a 12 step to get off of welfare and on to a proper education and resources for a better life. Don't forget about better resources for the dead beat sperm donors too.

  • I totally agree with evrything you said, their is a mum like this where i live but whats even worse is she goes on about what a brilliant mum she is when she is drunk, like no ur not so stop

  • Would like to clarify that I do not blame all women - I clearly stated a list of specific neglects that personally make me sad.

    I also personally feel that a woman is the one responsible for her conceiving, unless she is raped.

    The argument that he could wear a condom is pathetic, were you not there, could you not plan in advance another method of birth control.

    I agree there are a lot of irresponsible men out there 100%; however if you've been burnt by men a couple of times why would you keep getting pregnant with different men -I guess I'm just not that trusting - you know fool me once.

    I studied Psychology also so no I didn't miss health class, but thanks for your crass statement!

  • I was your first respondent and I just wanted to say thanks for the clarification, which helps a lot and which (in my view) gives people a better picture of your concerns and almost surely expands your reach tremendously. And I must say -- although it will likely make me a target for some of the others here -- that I agree with you about birth control: women can control that, and we should. I try to always be prepared, and at home, I always am, with multiple choices. In one instance, though, I must confess, I had been going through a verrrrry long dry spell and had dropped off my pills altogether for over a month, but wound up going out for a drink with two girlfriends after work and got myself picked up -- and knocked up -- by a verrrrry hot younger guy. He had no condoms and I didn't want to wait for him to go to the pharmacy, and to be honest, on that particular night I wanted the feel of his cream in me. I don't regret it, but under other circumstances, I totally wouldn't have gotten pregnant that weekend. Anyway, thanks for the supplement and for being nice: you didn't have to write anything, but you did and that speaks well for you.

  • Comment Below: I am a Mandated Reporter and I have reported some problems - yet nothing ever changes.

    I also help all these children - I have fed them, washed their clothes, protected them when other neighborhood kids attack them (and they do because they know the mother doesn't give a s***).

    I don't feel I am being judgmental I am merely stating what I do not like to see: And that is children suffering and being neglected because their mother cares more about getting high and her dirty- ass v*****!

    I've seen this too many times sadly, I have also been to seminars with FBI profilers on the subject of molestation, which sadly increases with each new partner that is brought into a home.

    I commend all the mothers here who have done the right thing; it is just my personal opinion that some people should use birth control - and if they are on welfare it is FREE!

    So I care about the children!

  • I wrote the "judgy" comment..Thanks for clearing things up for me too, I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate. It really gives this post a very different viewpoint. These posts only allow for so much text and we all read it in our own tones. I agree with some of your points too. Some of them I hope I never witness (yikes). You're helping those kids out, even if they are unaware as to how much.

  • This post is so judgy..If the OP has an issue with their neighbor (and it sounds like they do) maybe they should talk to them directly or call CPS. Either make a difference and help them out or mind your own business. Fact of life, there are people who shouldn't be parents. But just because someone is a single parent does not make them irresponsible or a bad parent. That's very ignorant on your part. FYI There are bad parents who are also rich and married who don't pay attention to their kids. And when you say to all the b******.. were you not in s** ed the day they explained how a baby is conceived? Because it takes two..and the guy is equally responsible for protection - just as the woman. Yes, it is true that the first relationship we are exposed to is that of our parents. But just because you have a child with someone does not mean you should marry them and does not make you a good parent. Also staying married for the sake of the children is also detrimental to kids too especially if fighting is a daily happening.

  • There are MANY different forms of birth control and better yet you can get it free at the county health departments.

  • I have 3 children by two men. My first husband left for a 19 year old and hasn't been back since. All my children are the top of the class and often get bullied for being posh. They are definitely not the children your describing.
    Of course as usual, nobody mentioned the males abandoning the children. That's fine apparently. Men can go around producing children all over the country and never spending time or money on them but of course... That's all women's fault... ??

  • It is a crime that men so often get to skate on child care. But don't bother painting the "poor single mommy" picture, because there are more than enough resources out there to make up for the father not being around. There are even more for breeder sows who milk their parenthood for all its worth, especially around the holidays and Back To School. The schools feed your spawn, even with the pandemic. So quit blaming your useless sperm donor for not being there

  • Too bad you couldn't find one to marry you and teach your kids a better example of relationships, instead of just having a revolving door of s** partners - so sad! You get what you settle for.

  • Not all mothers are like the ones you described. I've had four children by four different men, none of whom have stayed around, but my children are well-loved and well-cared for and not left to depend on the kindness of strangers. Yes, men come and go in my life and in my bed, because I do love men, too, but not to the exclusion of my children, and nobody who is a bad influence comes around them. It's possible to love your children and love s**. I think you know that, but I just felt like it needed to be said.

  • Well said.

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