To the woman that disrespects their kids deceased father.

Samantha, you may not like your kids paternal family for not supporting your kids but changing their last name to your current husbands name is disrespectful to their daddy that's no longer here. He was a very good daddy that loved his kids and his son won't remember his daddy because he was a baby when Daniel had passed away. You could've took it to court and asked the judge to take away the grandparents rights and not take your kids around his family. Daniel isn't here to defend for himself or anybody. That's just downright shameful. Maybe the good people from that family are gone and the ones living aren't good and supportive but that really bothers me even though it's none of my business but don't dishonor or disrespect Daniel. You can't just say well he's dead now like dead is dead and deads being non existing. So many people have got to be bothered and disturbed by this and I don't mean Daniels family either.

Feb 8

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