Women are in it for the money, no doubt about it

I know that adultery or cheating is seen as something bad. But it doesn't just start, it starts at home. For the first twenty five years we were married, we had the same room, we raised four kids. She was my wife, I was her husband. But them, much like turning off a faucet, she said she didn't want to have ** anymore. I asked, standing there looking straight at her, what did she expect me todo. ** she said. She was done.

That's when I started 'cheating'. She didn't care, just don't embarrass her in public. So ** the secretary was a possible embarrassment, but not ** the waitress at Denny's. I ** around a lot, literally. Then I met Margaret and hit it off with her. She was divorced, a beauty queen type, working as a sales girl. She was having a rough time at it. I helped with money, in return I slept with her.

My wife got envious. She saw the bills and started to spend like there was no tomorrow. It wasn't really possible to stop her spending, so I asked for a divorce and after thousands thrown away on lawyers and the settlement I found myself 'single', but without any money. Margaret dumped me, she wanted the lifestyle.

May 2

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  • Staid, faithful to one woman for 28 years. We raised three daughters and set them up to having a good start in their lives. A few years ago, I was in an accident that left me in a wheelchair. It took my wife one year and half to start looking for ** cause mine no longer worked. Them so-called friends and biker brothers were standing in line to dust that kitty off. Today we are separated and looking at divorce in the next month or so. Men are only loved for how much they can bring to the table.

  • Evil creatures

  • Selfish **. Once I'd payed the house off and put the kids through school, she dumped me.

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