Latinas from the east end

For many who read this you will think it is terrible, misogynist, machista. But in reality it is part of my culture. Every woman needs a man who brings order into her life. That is the definition of a woman, a wife, a mother. With a strong man. That's how we grew up.

I didn't get pregnant in high school because I frankly liked another girl. We experimented and she did my hair and we shaved and groomed each other's region. When you like another girl her region is something you think about all the time, and having her groomed the way you like her, well that's what we did.

By the time we finished high school everyone in our school and neighborhood was aware of our like for each other. It was the grandmothers who told us that one day a man was going to take us and we were going to have to grow up and be women. What we were doing was for little girls, not young women. Leave that alone they said, look for a man.

We had no interest in a man, we moved out and lived together. She went to cosmetology school and I went to business school at the junior college. One day ,there is always one day, her mother told her that a man had lost his wife to cancer and he had two children and he needed a wife to raise the children and complete his family. And, her mother told her, he had agreed to make her his wife. The time had come, she was married at 20 to a man she did not know, and she was immediately pregnant. That's the way it is, everyone was happy, she was now a woman, a wife and an expectant mother.

For me it was bad, broken up like that. I couldn't afford the apartment by myself and I asked my boss, who owned the business, if he knew of a place I could rent. He heard my story, he asked me if I loved her, he told me that life has to go on, and now that I was alone he would take me and make a woman out of me. He wanted to grow his family and his wife couldn't have more children.

I was pregnant before the end of the month. Over the next four years I had four children and my girlfriend had three. Between us we had seven children and we were barely 25. We were housewives and mothers, women now and everyone was happy. And we had men who could take care of us, what more can a woman want? We had MEN.

We had a birthday party for one of her children and my man saw me hug her and he saw us kiss. He asked me if I still had feelings for her and I said yes, that never dies. He talked to her husband and he agreed to let us see each other more often. Older men like to spoil their girls, and that was spoiling us. We are respectful, but we do get into kissing and we have taken a nap together now and then, and I take great pleasure in how she grooms me, and I love to groom her too. It's just like that, when you love a woman you really care about how she is down there, after all isn't that where you kiss her to show her how much you love her? I do.

Apr 22

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