I cheat on my boyfriend 2-3 times a month

My boyfriend is a pretty great guy, I live by the beach with him and he pays for everything, always takes care of me. He can make love to me but some times I need more and ever since we started dating I have been cheating 2-3 times a month. It started the 3rd week we were together.

I was really bored at work so I posted an ad on CL, not intending to actually meet anyone, I just wanted pics. I said I was a cute 21 year old looking to suck a guy off in my works garage, send a pic, biggest d*** wins, ect ect. I got alot of pics which made me feel dirty and somewhere along the way I decided pics weren't enough, I wanted to feel even more dirty.

I told this 24 year old white guy with a yummy body and a beautiful c*** where I worked and had him meet me out front. I led him to my car parked in the corner of my works garage, slipped his d*** out and started sucking. He was huge. Then he reached up my skirt, pulled my panties down and shoved his fingers in me. I have a soft spot for agressive guys and this made me so h****.

I ended up letting him f*** me in the back of my car. After that I made a tinder (Safer then CL?) and when I need to get f***** I find a guy...

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  • Get an STI check regularly. It only takes one for your bf to find out. I had an HIV scare a couple of weeks ago. The longest two weeks of my life. I get a full panel blood work once every 2-4 months. Otherwise, have fun!

  • If I were you, I'd not worry about cheating. You won't believe how common it is. Just do it, girl! Enjoy yourself. I am in a relationship, and we share things, I love him, we have s**, but I cheat like crazy. Why should I limit myself. And besides, the best s** is the type your not supposed to be having! If I get caught, I actually would encourage him to cheat too, but I will never stop. If he has a problem with that, it's time for another bf.

  • Good for you. I have always cheated--on boyfriends, and now my husband. ALL the time, like once a week. I always use to do it at the guys place, but now i don't care if we do it at my home. my husband seems to be too oblivious to notice. have fun!

  • Glad I am not alone. I cheat on my husband constantly..he is clueless.

  • I cheat too but its waaay more than 2-3 per month. its about maybe 3-4 per week. my husband is 51 and i am 27 so i have to get what i need away from home a lot of times. he knows i play but i never tell him when or with who or how often. that's just life. dont beat yourself up over it. have s** and have fun.

  • Ur grim

  • I do the same thing to my husband. I love cheating. LOVE cheating.

  • Human beings are not meant to be faithful. Infidelity is our natural state. Enjoy yourself.

  • That is seriously f'd up. But, like the previous person, if I was your bf, you better tell me all about it from the very first time you suck and/or s**** a guy or I'd be p***** and it wouldn't be ok.

  • What a bunch of self righteous a******* commenting on here. I'm a guy and I love my woman that slutty and more. If you need a replacement boyfriend let me know, but you'd have to share the s*** stories and adventures in bed with me after.

  • I hope you get a HIV death sentence.Sorry for being so harsh but since you're with a guy you don't deserve you have to pay for your debts in some way or another.

  • But people say only men are pigs..

  • I dream that dream tooo

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