Mistress Issues

That im in love with my Bf brother.

It all started almost a year ago when him and his wife started having troubles (not going to go into to much detail with that) but they weren't happy she had been off talking to other guys, He found out and it went from there. He wanted some advice from me ect...

He would contact me threw email because she looks through his messages. It started off just friendly how was your day kind of thing and b******* about the fights we were having with out partners at the time and how we hate been treated like crap.
We then started to share stories about our past and started sharing stories about our s** life ect...
It started to get a bit awkward when we told each what we liked about one another and that we pretty much where made for each other.

Then the touching started after a few months of flirting just little things like playing with my hand when we sat next to each other and been all cute by just sitting there looking at me from across the room which always makes me go bit red in the face. First time we kissed i felt horrible at what had happend but couldn't help but want more it was only a peck but it felt so right!
This kept happening untill it became a full on kiss...
They were so addictive i couldn't help but want more.

We have tried so many times to put our feelings aside for our partners but it just doesn't work we end up just coming back to the way it started! it's obvoious we can't just be friends. But that's all it's ever going to be i am never going to have a future with this person even if i want one with them i am still with his brother and am in love with them both i do focus all my energy into my relationship it's kind of just some fun on the side, I guess ill only ever be his mistress.

I think what i love the most about my bf brother is he has everything my bf lacks. His really sweet cares about what i want to do and enjoys my company! which is the reason this all started.
I do want it to end so i can start my own family with my bf and enjoy life but it's not as easy as just letting go!!
What can i do :(??

Just to clarify we have never had s** and i think if we did there would never be any coming back from there this would never end.

Jun 25, 2012

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  • I don't agree with cheating, but I'm not gonna spew rude remarks. You seem pretty conflicted, and you do want to stop from what I see. Just give yourself a moment to think about what you really want. If you love your bf and want to have a family then that should push you more to stop the relationship. Yeah it won't be easy to just end it, but you're gonna have to do it. Practice on about what to say to your bf's brother. Maybe think of something you don't like when you see him, basically trick your mind into not wanting him. If you can't manage to end the relationship or become extremely attracted to him, then at least do the right thing and end it with your bf before he does find out which would only make everything worse.

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