Obsessed with mother-in-law

Today at a family lunch, I couldn't take my eyes off my mother in law. She is nearly 60 but looks more like 40-something. I couldn't help but try to look up her dress, they way she was sat I saw a lot of thigh. I just wanted to get down on my knees and lick her legs up and under her skirt. I was trying to guess what underwear she had on and at one point nearly got a glimpse as she fanned her dress to cool down.

I have wanked so many times about her, even whilst sniffing her panties from he laundry basket. I have even licked them and tried them on to have her stained patches rub against my d***. I then tried on her clean panties and even a bra got so h**** that I wanked off and left a tiny c** drop that I hope eventually touched her p****.

I dream of stripping her naked in front of me, burying my face in her mature p**** and then f****** her brain out and c****** deep inside her. Even know I have my hands down my pants thinking of her sucking my d*** and swallowing my c**.

What I would do for one night with her!

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  • My wife's mom isn't around but her older sister is 19 yrs older than she is so she's almost like a mother. She's a little heavy, but she's a LOT sexy and I intend to be hitting that s*** before the end of the year. DAMN she is nasty! And she knows I want it!!!

  • I feel the same about my mother-in-law. I fantasize CONSTANTLY about getting her pregnant and marrying her.

  • ^ DITTO ^

  • At a July Fourth fireworks display, my M-I-L and me got drunk and wandered off to a secluded spot and made out like teenagers. I told her I wanted to keep getting more and she said the same, and that I also wanted the p**** and the ass. Since then, though, she's been really stiff and distant. I want more, but it seems like she doesn't.

  • How odd

  • wish i had a hot m-i-l but mine looks like a teamster.

  • Same here. Except that mine knows I'm in love - and l*** - with her, and she teases me mercilessly. I would give anything to get with that woman, but I know the moment I do, my marriage is over. I mean, I would be totally okay with my marriage ending, if I knew I would end up with her mother, but I know I won't end up with her.

  • I feel the same about mine. I want that nasty b**** so bad I can taste it. DAMN!

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