Help me please

Hey I am a 23 years old female and I am in a relationship with a 29 year ol man.
Growing up I could never imagine myself giving a b***** or having a*** s**.I couldn't decide which one was more disgusting.When we started dating he was very obsessive about oral s** and kept asking me. I felt the pressure because he said in a past he's received plenty of b******* and its a big deal. I gave up and tried it. I hated it at firs, but I saw the pleasure in his eyes and it was so hot. Soon after that he convinced me to have a***. Thats was very awkward and I didnt enjoy it. Unfortunately he was in love with it and couldnt imagine our s** life without it. Second time I enjoyed it and now I cant live without it. I love pleasing my man and I could do anything to please him. I feel like he is spoiled for choice , as he gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Sometimes i am not in the mood to have s** , but i dont have a choice anymore. Even if im not in the mood he expects me to please him, which I love doing when im not tired or in the rush. PSometimes its in the middle of the night and I get woken up by his b**** poking my ass, or sucking on my t***. And I just want to sleep, but he gets p***** off and starts sulking. Sometimes its early morning and I need to get ready for work, but I end up being late because my man wants to be please at that moment. I feel like I have done this to myself ,but I dont know how to deal with it. Has anyone been in a similar situation ?


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  • He is lucky to have a woman willing to step outside her comfort zone to try new things in bed to make him feel good. But no still means no. If you aren't in the mood or it's too late or early tell him no and stick with it. My girlfriend always said no but we talked about it and found out what both of us were doing that made the other unhappy and now it is resolved. You should sit down and explain it to him because it definitely is not fair for you to suffer at work or for lack of sleep because he won't handle his own issues at 2 in the morning.

  • You're being used. He doesn't care about you. He cares only about what you can do to please him. Find someone you can really "share" s** with.

  • I do what I like to my wife when it comes to s**. Seems the more demanding I am the better. Treat her nice and she gets bitchy. Spank her and she becomes compliant.

  • It's called being submissive. I'm submissive. I like to do what I am told. I don't like conflict or argument. I used to struggle with these feelings of wanting to please others all the time. Now I recognise that that is the way I am. I like to feel loved& protected& looked after and so on.

    I like to be submissive to my husband. Sometimes at the time whatever thing he is doing I dont like because of pain or gaging. But before and after I like that I proved I was totally devoted to him.

    I don't like it if he asks me to make a decision. I just want him to tell me. Tell me what to wear. What to cook. Where to be at a particular time. To have s**. To boss me around. Weird hey.

    When others say he is bossy or controlling of me or day that I shouldn't do somthing just because he wants it, inside I feel like they are giving me a complement.

  • You need to find someone who will respect you, not just use you as a s** doll. It's one thing to f*** you throughout the day, as long as there is a balance of love too and he actually makes sure you know it.

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