I deeply admire my friends younger sister

She was never pretty. She was ugly in fact being a bit overweight and something wrong with her legs. Her skin was dark and mottled and her face was very off putting. No one ever asked her out and if she ever had a steady boyfriend I didn't know about it.

She had a job with the government though. She spent her whole working time as a data entry clerk. Working as much overtime as she could she eventually became a company data entry teacher to new employees.

Her salary was mediocre and she worked as a waitress at a local bar to make ends meet.

I guess being unattractive she would have s** with anyone who would do it with her.

Well she got pregnant with a tall handsome blond haired country boy type and she gave birth to a baby girl who grew up to be rather attractive if not a bit crazy wild. Tattoos, piercings etc.

Ok thie lady in my story finally retired but she still bar tends.

I admire her. She owns her small home in the country. She worked hard and long enough to retire and even though shes now in her sixties she still works tending bars.

She sent her daughter through hair styling school and her daughter is gainfully employed living near her mother. In the meantime the daughter married and has a child of her own who my friends sister dearly loves.

I admire her because she never quit. Many years of hard work and even in her older years she still can't completely quit.

Shes a quite hero.

Jul 19, 2015

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  • Love this story - thank you for sharing that!

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