I have a friend. A girl

She was sexually molested by a relative of hers and it went on for years. It was her uncle and her father took up for him as he was his brother. Her father told her not to wear shorts when they visited him and that it was partly her fault it had happened.

We had been friends and when she told me this it ruined my day. Her own father refused to help her or go to the police. Her mother was afraid of her father she didn't help either.

The girl is ruined when it comes to s**. She likes me but she said she couldn't stand for a man to touch her sexually even if she loved the man.

In the meantime her uncle who molested her died suddenly and was buried.

We were having drinks at a pub when I suggested she do something that would make her feel perhaps a bit better.

I suggested she pour urine on his grave. I told her not to urinate directly on his grave but to pee in a jar and pour it over his marker and to pour some on the area where his face might be.

She did what I suggested and she said yes. It did indeed make her feel better although when she told her therapist she went nuts.

It doesn't matter. She feels better.

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  • Tell her big deal get over it now suck my h******

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