Drug Addiction

That I am addicted to cocaine. It has become a weakness that has taken over my life from top to bottom. I have alienated my friends, began to steal from my parents and live in complete paranoia of being caught. I have started making strides towards changing but the addiction is to strong so I find myself going in circles with no end in sight. If I continue this trend I don't see how I will survive and death is not an option for me so I need to change immediately. I declare that today will be my last day using any and all drugs in order to commence a new life where I will stand to never betray my friends and family again.

I cannot live another day in fear of what will come from being caught or if someone discovers my addiction. I was on the right path in life, I had everything I had planned so I suppose I got to comfortable. The money was endorsing my habits, my family was oblivious of my actions due to the successful image i had portrayed to them. Once things started slipping away the only thing that remained was this painful addiction. I was living in a world of my own, and I was satisfied with repeating these embarrassing actions day in and day out.

the only drive I had in life was using drugs, I had sculpted my life around creating environments that enabled me to use. I am going to burn the connections in which facilitated my addiction and will replace them with new exciting endeavours.

I am going to spend every second of every day from this moment on to rebuild all the bridges I have broken without anyone figuring out my painful past.

This is my confession and this is who I was and will never become again.

Jul 21, 2015

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  • Cocaine addiction is all mental not physical - thank god!

    It takes 30 days to make a habit, and about 30 to break it.

    Delve into something that will occupy you, reading; take a part/time night job to stay extra busy!

    Most addictions can eventually bankrupt a person; don't let it happen to you!

    You can do it - and don't ever try Heroin - EVER!

  • There are few people that could quit in one day.YOU CAN.
    If you couldn't quit in one day quit in 90 days and little by little

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