tonight was the first time in years

tonight was the first time in years that i have actually prayed and believed in god, i feel bad about doing it, because i know there is no god, but i still felt the need to pray for his happiness
i know it wont come true

Jul 8, 2010

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  • There is a God who created you,dumbass.He is embarrassed because you are stupid enough to think that everything on Earth-plants,animals,people,etc. just "Happened".I feel sorry for you because you are such a dumbass.You need Jesus Christ.

  • im glad that you prayed because ther IS a god and it about time we all started treating him right.

  • God works in many ways

  • I'm RIGHT HERE, J******!


  • How can you believe in something you know isn't true. If you prayed and believed in something that you say you know doesn't exist then how do you even explain your thought or need to want to pray to this non existant being in the first place. I think you know the truth. And for you the truth is there is a God. There has to be or else you wouldn't have been compelled to give Him a try.


  • God wants you to be happy so pray for yourself.

  • ^Exactly, we cannot possibly know either way.

  • All your other silly stuff aside, how can you possibly "KNOW" there is no God. The very question that has plagued humanity for centries and still does yet some how you have it all figured out and KNOW there is no God.

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