I work in a school, and I slept with one of my student. She's 19 and i am 35. I committed adultery and im very ashamed in front of God. Pleas e forgive me God and everybody.

Jan 3, 2011

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  • Several years ago, I coached a girl's softball team. They were all 18 (most, anyway), and I was careful to not let things go too far or get too close with any of them, however..Did slip with one girl, once.

    Very pretty, fit-bodied, long brown hair, and just had the air of being older than the others; More of a young woman than girl, no question. She was helping me do some running around and fund-raising for the league one off-weekend, and, we stopped for lunch. The coach-player feeling quickly became more of a date feeling. We chatted about our lives, she rested her legs on mine, and I began feeling her soft, bare thighs.

    We traded a few "do you want to?" type looks, and I took her to a hotel one town over (so nobody knew us), and spent the night with her, having wild s** that even my gf's or ex-wife haven't come close to. Was only that one time, but, I'd happily do it again. Btw, I was 41 when this happened.

  • The age difference between josef and maria was bigger.

  • H*** no, don't tell your wife. God knows and you've asked His forgiveness so you're good to go.

  • are you really sorry?? well you know really know thats a mistake and you still do that and maybe you learned your lesson ..and know whats the right thing to do..

  • I wouldn't normally think that sleeping with a girl who is over 18 is anyhow wrong but you have a wife, and it is kinda selfish that you seek forgivness from a imaginative creation of men. Seriosuly, tell your wife and be honest.

  • We forgive you

    If the girl was willing. And you tell your wife.

  • God prolly has forgiven you if u dont ever do it agaain you have to repent and stay with his word ..dont listen to the nub above

  • God is going to torch your ass for that one so you might as well go back for some more of that hot student action. Oh, and you'll be praying for your nuts if your wife finds out so shhhhhhhh.

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