My faith is gone

Many times from my youth up til about 20 years ago now, I believed in God and new that if I prayed for God to do something for me or someone else, it seemed to always happen. Now I was not a good christian and made many mistake. So now many years later I have prayed for things to work a certain way and nothing happened as planned. In fact I can’t remember the last time any of my prayers have been answered. So I feel we each have a limited number of prayers that we can ask., after that no answer from God. Just saying that is how I feel now!! So make sure the prayer is important, otherwise you might run out of answers.

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  • Religion is a big lie.e....i know so many people who have ruined their lives by following christianity ......its all about a cartoon world and yourself a favor believe in god but not so sick of all of the false and fake promises of religion it will ruin your career relationships and mind...if you dont believe me follow it...

  • I did not, it turned away from me

  • Don’t turn away from the faith

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