My faith is gone

Many times from my youth up til about 20 years ago now, I believed in God and new that if I prayed for God to do something for me or someone else, it seemed to always happen. Now I was not a good christian and made many mistake. So now many years later I have prayed for things to work a certain way and nothing happened as planned. In fact I can’t remember the last time any of my prayers have been answered. So I feel we each have a limited number of prayers that we can ask., after that no answer from God. Just saying that is how I feel now!! So make sure the prayer is important, otherwise you might run out of answers.

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  • God, is there, it's that you from the start have been taught wrong of what the bible teaches us. God is not based on a feeling, or if you stop feeling Him He is gone.
    He is and always will be there, even until the end of the ages! We each may feel he has left us, and millions a year do this is why so many turn from God. We have an option to follow what man says, or what Gods word says!
    Apart from everything the "lukewarm church" says or teaches today. I promise he never taught us that life here was going to be easy, in fact he made clear we as believers would suffer.
    I feel your hurt pain and disappointment and how I know is because my faith or hope left me to. I felt God abandoned me! It has taken me years now to see He never left me. So I would say each time you face an issue open Gods word and follow what God says not what man teaches or twist! Pray and hope because that is what real faith is, it's hope in what we cannot see or understand draw close to him and you will feel Him again. But just know you will suffer for believing and following the real word of God. He made this very clear, and to avoid this, churches of today twist Gods word teaching wealth and worldliness and this goes against Gods word. If the churches taught the truth, and people truly come to the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ there could be no homeless, or people starving or without shelter, the world would have already changed and Jesus would have already come back.
    Their is only "Only one Faith, One Lord, and One Baptism" but the world and especially the Christian church of today as a whole teaches something different on every corner in division, thus a house divided can not stand.

  • I spent over 13 years in biblical study, I started from just a man that wanted to know the truth, to seeing the falsehood of the "lukewarm church" of today.
    Church today has become a place of feel good worship, a buffet of feel good religion or let's say worldly to keep from offending anyone but twisting Gods word to use forgiveness as an excuse to live in sin.
    It has become a place divided by clicks and money, greed while the world becomes darker and millions die under the shadows of the Christian church. Church has become a business run from the pulpit a place where if you have money your welcome.
    Thus while millions die homeless on the streets, turning to drugs and drink to deal with being seen as trash while they sleep on the streets treated worse than a dog! Dog's treated better than humans due to greed.
    When will people stop blaming the person next to them and make the change, stand up in your churches, read and understand what your bible truly teaches.
    It not about world worldliness as Christians we are to be about our fathers business.

  • Religion is a big lie.e....i know so many people who have ruined their lives by following christianity ......its all about a cartoon world and yourself a favor believe in god but not so sick of all of the false and fake promises of religion it will ruin your career relationships and mind...if you dont believe me follow it...

  • I 100% agree, Faith is one's walk with God a relationship alone. Churches today have twisted Gods word and use the bible to gain money, cars and huge buildings while the truth of Gods word is not taught. And today even if the truth was taught people will reject it because it us not about worldliness.
    People profess God everyday, but could care less about the dying, homeless and the people starving right in their own home towns. Church today is about greed, pride and the lukewarm church is being warned by God (Rev 3:14-22).

    Church has turned into a music fest and a buffet of feel good religion that uses forgiveness as a ticket to live in real sin against God. 99% of people sitting a pew on Sunday do not even know the bible or where there bible come from, but they are so holy or worldly spiritual thus so far from God they do not even know. I have seen homeless digging from trash cans just to eat, rejected by pastors for any help! These lukewarm churches have become blind and places that God never dewelled in the temples mans hands built.

    People are so worried about climate change, but can't even figure out how to follow the truths of Gods word and they believe they have the answers to life.

  • I did not, it turned away from me

  • Don’t turn away from the faith

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