My little sister

I'm really sick and tired of being treated badly by my sister. She makes me feel as if I'm sort of a pathetic human being; a loser. As being the older sister, I wish I had some kind of respect. She makes fun of me and makes me regret telling her my problems. I once thought I could trust her by telling her I had low self-esteem, but I was wrong. The next thing she did was laugh at me. She once called me stupid for crying over a boy. She told me, "I thought you were smarter than that". What does that suppose to mean? That she thinks she's smarter than me just because she wouldn't cry for a boy. I used to cry at everything she would tell me. I guessed I labeled myself as weak. My parents think she is brave and I'm the one who wouldn’t dare to do something crazy. She has friends and I don't. She thinks I'm lazy and old enough to have a job. It's not my fault I haven’t been hired. I'm 18 years old and I don’t know how to drive because my dad is always busy or simply doesn’t want to teach me. I used to ask him if he could teach me but most of the time I would receive a no for an answer. I stopped asking. She tells me it’s my fault not knowing how to drive because I never ask him. She has asked him and my dad has taught her a little bit more than he was taught me. He should be teaching me instead of her. She's not even 16 yet. Why? Why does he do that to me? He's planning on getting her an Iphone 6 for her birthday when I don't even have a smart phone. She doesn't do anything at home. She doesn’t help my mom clean and has never cleaned our room. I just want to know what's wrong.

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  • You should start accomplishing your goals on your own. Learn how to be independent, trust me when I say that the feeling of freedom and not having negative people in your life is refreshing and exhilarating . You could accomplish anything if you work hard enough for it, trust me. Goodluck

  • Your parents are playing favorites and it's unfair. Sounds like you'll have to take care of yourself. You'll need a job to move out and leave these mean people. Go to and pay a person who specializes in making your resume look professional. Once you get enough money to move in a place with roommates, leave and don't look back for the next five years so they don't have another chance to damage your self-esteem. Good luck.

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