Secretly more in love

I really want to marry my boyfriend. He's amazing. He's the only guy I've ever been with, ever in my life, who I do'nt have to compromise for in terms of his personality.

Every other boyfriend I've had has fallen short in one major area or another - they're totally disinterested in my family, they hate artsy movies and won't watch them, they try to calm me down when I get excited for good reasons, they make mean jokes out of inappropriate situations loudly and in front of people, they're huge wimps, they're delicate little hypochondriactic flowers, they require too much attention, they treat me like their therapist, etc.

But not this guy. This guy is... perfect for me. He's sensitive, he can be serious when I need him to be, he's generous with his affection, he's easy to read, easy going, adorable, hilarious, smart, thinks I'm awesome, and wants me to move to Europe to be with him and it's only been six months. I think I might be crazy but all I can think about lately is being married to him. Not even the wedding, just how happy I would be if we got engaged, and then all the stuff after the wedding - the part where we're actually married. Together.

One day, I thought to myself, very naively, "it would be so great if he could just support us both for a couple years while I get my s*** together and compelte all these projects I have piling up", then thought I couldn't think things like that because it's too soon. A month later, we were talking about our future, and he said "well you know, I can just support us both for a few years while you study and work on your projects. I can see how happy you'd be and I'm totally comfortable with that"... he's the best. I want to marry him. He's the one. But I can't tell him yet...

Jul 30, 2015

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  • He really wants to marry someone else.

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