The new ConfessionPost is live!

It's been a long time coming…

ConfessionPost last saw a redesign 5 years ago and it’s really been showing its age. 80% of you now visit CP on a phone or tablet and the old design was simply awful on mobile devices. CP will also be 10 years old this October and it we wanted to celebrate by giving the site a major update.

We wanted to make sure that the new CP was clean, simple and easy to read on any device. We hope we’ve achieved that goal, but this is just the start. A lot of changes have been made behind the scenes that will pave the way for experimenting with new features and layout tweaks. We want to provide the best experience to all of you and make CP the best place to share your thoughts anonymously.

In the past, we’ve taken a very hands-off, back seat approach to the site; that will be changing. We will be regularly working to improve the site and we would love your help by offering feedback on what you like, don’t like, and what you’d like to see added.

In the next week, we’ll be adding a special category where you can talk about anything related to CP. Share your favorite posts and comments or just discuss how we could improve the site. For now, if you have any suggestions, leave them as a comment on this announcement.

If you like CP, let others know about and follow our Facebook account for hand-picked and exclusive content. We know, we haven’t updated it in a while but that will be changing as well.

Thanks to all of our regular users who have been visiting CP over the past 10 years. We hope you like the new site.

-The ConfessionPost Team

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  • Would love to share po

  • I'm going to post a new confession on my latest young love. Emma my first

  • Lets share in helen ga

  • Love to share those lovely little ones

  • I am using my iPod 5 to view this with the latest iOS and why are some posts showing "page not found" but when I click on comments, magically, the confession can be seen again??

    Also, some posts that you want to view in its entirety would pop up," please log in or uncensor this post" but I can't find anywhere to uncensor??!!!!! There is no help section that I can see either??

    And yes, I am logged in while viewing.

  • Please let it so people can delete their confessions. I don't want any of my confessions on this website anymore. Please delete them.

  • How hot are you you b**** like you are pretty sexy!;)

  • My wife has sweet b**** will tarde pics for of hot b****

  • Your wife hot share then

  • You can delete posts now if you wrote the post while logged into an account.

  • Here's an idea. put a logout somewhere on the damn site people can find.

  • LOL, I think they fixed it

  • Hello???

  • Hello how are u

  • Hello in north ga any one a little aroused this morning

  • How are u north ga im h**** as helk any one like to play

  • I logged in but how do I log out so I can comment anonymously? Very annoying

  • Looks like they fixed it

  • The design of the site is definitely nice and very user friendly. There are some suggestions:

    Posting comments doesn't always work. Think this happens after an update or something. But trying to leave a comment is almost impossible, trying to post it just doesn't register.

    I do like how you can reply to a comment, that's helpful.

    I don't understand the use of censorship for some "colorful" words. Seem excessive. And certain words, like body parts were getting censored. Why? And with access of R rated movies, the internet, school, work, TV, books, social media..someone is going to learn naughty words - not sure why it matters.

    It would be interesting to have a "Best of Section" or for their to be a section where you put up some earlier posts to view - not to comment on.

    Lastly.. Ugh the ads. Necessary evil I guess.


  • I both love and l*** after Oriental women. There is just SOMETHING about their beauty that drives me into a heat that I would love to share. I would love to be with two Oriental women at the same time. I think that I could be at their service for a very long time. If I need to rest for a moment, I would be happy to watch for a short time before joining in again

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