My Sexual Fantasy With My Teacher

I was 14. A freshman in high school, I remember walking in on the first day of school and being stressed but when I walked into history. I saw Mr. Mattes. He wasn't "hot" but he wasn't "not" either. I knew he would be a great teacher. As the year went on, I always acted like I hated him. He would tell the class his hobbies, his age which was 26. I acted like I didn't care, acted like he wasn't there. Even though I secretly looked forward to his class. When he wasn't there, I never felt sad. I remember he marked an answer I got wrong right instead so I got a 100%. I thought maybe he favored me but there were times he would get mad or frustrated. There was one time he reached over my desk with his ***** right in my face. I felt he knew there was something between us. I remember I needed like actually needed extra help so I asked him. Looking him straight in the eye and I felt under control, he was nervous. He said ok and we agreed on Monday during my lunch period since that was the only time I was free. So I got there and the door was locked. I waited 10 minutes and I heard footsteps behind me. It was him. He brushed me slightly. He apologized but then I knew he did it on purpose. We walked in and he shut the door. He turned the "lights off" because the heat was bothering him even though it was March. It wasn't too bad but we sat in a corner away from the view of the door. We were on the second floor so nobody would really see us through the window either. We say really close and his legs were touching mine. He was showing me a map and he put his arm around me pulling him close. Then I turned to ask him a question and I stopped. I looked at his lips and there was no going back. We both went for it. It was a long kiss, it was my first kiss. It was amazing. When we finished, it was awkward. He apologized and I said I made a mistake too. I said I would only forgive him if he would drive me home. After school, my parents wouldn't come for two hours. so after he picked me up where nobody saw us, he parked down the street and walked up with me to the house in sunglasses. We were in the kitchen and we talked about our lives. He talked about graduating college, liking history since he was 6. His eyes were so warm and beautiful and his voice charmed me. Then I said how I hated history. He asked to use the bathroom so he went and I went to my room to put my bag and I turned around and caught him blankly staring at me in my room. Then he walked up to me kissing me so hard it felt like he took my soul out of my body. He swung off my shirt and I did his. Soon we were naked as he began to put his p**** inside me I noticed he had a condom on. He was nice and slow, kissing me with each thrust. I was under him. I let out bursts of moans making me more turned on with his grunts. Then he went under me and I saw the tattoo he had on his back and the hair on his smooth chest. He went so slow and nice, with the pressure of his b**** slamming against me making a slapping sound. Then he started grunting more, thrusting more, then I started screaming. He asked me if I liked that and I said, fukc me baby. He started slapping my ass, holding my t***, holding me around my neck as my t*** bounced. We had s** for an hour. It was amazing. It was so passionate. I fell in love with him. My room smelled of s** and we fell asleep. I awoke to my mother coming home and there was me with my teacher. Spooning so I woke him up and he started licking my neck. Then he heard my mother's voice calling me and he quickly went under the bed. I managed to get my clothes back on like nothing happen. I met my mom in the hallway and she asked me how my day was and I said good. The normal stuff and she said that we were meeting dad and my brother for dinner so I had to leave. As the car pulled out the driveway and left, I could see him leaving the house and walking to his car and my mom without a clue.
This is what I fantasized about him. Some stuff was true but the kissing and s** was not. Mr. Mattes is not his real name. It's been two years and I still want him.

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  • Wait two more years when you're 18 and then go for it. It's hard to find someone we're intensely attracted to.

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