Should I be ashamed Part 2?

The film director then asked if I was free tomorrow for a bukkake shoot. Kate explained what that meant because I truly had no idea what it was, I was so keyed up and happy that I said yes! Next morning came and I hadn't slept much at all, I was so nervous, no not nervous I was frightened. I hadn't been with a man in over 10 years now I was going to do disgusting things with a whole bunch of them. We got to the studio and it was full of blokes, some who were very fit and some that were'nt. Kate was on first name terms with nearly all of them and I am begining to shake. What am I doing here? Kate and I put on bra, suspender and pants and went in to the the studio, you could hardly move there were over 20 of them. So I got down onto a reclining chair and one of the guys pulled the crotch of my pants aside so he could lick my p**** and that felt nice and calmed me down a bit. There I was surrounded by at least seven guys tugging themselves off with their d**** really close to my face. So I started to suck c*** and that also felt nice. I had forgotten how nice it was to have a d*** in your, the feel of it on your tongue and the lovely flavour. They kept rotating around and before too long one of them was ready to shoot his load into my face. I kept my mouth shut and when I watched this later I looked absolutely terrified, mainly because I was! His load hit my face and it felt good, could smell it and opened my mouth and licked some of it, it tasted good. I grabbed hold of his c*** and started to stongly suck it again, a c*** is really sensitive at this time, I could feel more s**** coming out and into my mouth. Heaven By the time I had taken a few more loads I was screaming for more of it. By this time all my mascara had run and I refused to wipe any of it off my face, it had all cascaded onto my t*** and looked sooooo sexy. Kate licked off some of my c** and I licked off some of hers and we did c** swapping.
The shoot went on for a while and when finished Kate and I had a shower, they had a big wetroom, we made love while showering and a few of the guys were there watching us but they never touched up they seemed to know this was a girl only moment.
Kate and I have lived together in her lovely house since then, I have no more money worries and the girls love there surroundings. Btw I have told the supermarket where to stuff their job and I do not need to claim benefits any more.
So my foray into the p*** business has given me my pride back, although I still feel a little ashamed, but f*** I enjoy the p***, I have money in my purse and I love Kate.

Aug 10, 2015

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  • Remember to save some of your money because everyone has a shelf life regardless of our work. I totally understand your logic and I don't disagree. However, the money is in escorting, not p***. I'm surprised you didn't mention it.

  • It's interesting to see a positive side of p***. Too often we are presented with a negative image but I also have had a positive image.
    I was a young girl of eighteen and all my friends were getting excited about going off to University, I was less so but had decided to follow the flock. I found most of it boring apart from one thing and that was FREEDOM. I could go out when I wanted, with whom I wanted and I could come back to my flat when I wanted and could bring back who I wanted. So I spent my first year in a blaze of s** and drugs and rock and roll and it was wonderful. Naturally you end up with friends with like minds and so I ended with a bunch of h**** bisexual girls and we were wild. We regularly f***** and/or blew out 4 or 5 blokes each and every day and when we got back to our flats we smoked dope and ate each other out all night. Needless to say I and most of mates got kicked out at the end of our first year. We were then in a position where we had nothing, we didn't want to go back home and we had no jobs.

  • ..\cont
    Well to cut a long story short me and one of my mates ended up in the p*** industry and it has been truly wonderful. We get paid for doing what we would gladly do for nothing. One of my favourite shoots was in the South of France on one of those campsites where the tents were all setup before you got there, but this one was a naturist campsite. On our first morning there we sauntered down to the attached and private beach to do a bit of sunbathing. There were 4 blokes and 4 women and one gay mail pair in our group. When we got to the beach it quickly became obvious that we were the only ones there who were good to look at and we got a lot of interest straight away. We played it cool at first, us girls just displayed our anatomies in a very naughty way, you know legs akimbo laying on our backs or fronts. Lots of bending over etc, the boys gave the females on the beach a similar display. So after about 1 hour we were surrounded by holiday makers and I was laying next to my 'bloke' in such a way that his todger (it was a biggy) was very close to my face. I just casually leaned forward and started blowing him in a very relaxed manner. You could her the exclamations from the holidaymakers. We then did a full session on the beach and we even involved some of genuine sunbathers, for example I blew out some really old guy whose legs collapsed when he came in my mouth and I also ate out a couple of French grannies.
    What I didn't mention was that the whole thing was being filmed by two other members of our group. You can still see this film on the internet. What great fun this was.

  • I think I may have seen this movie. It was cool, never saw the bit where you blew the old man and ate the grannies though.
    I love eating grannies out, you have to spend extra time getting them nice and moist before you can stick your old man into their p****. You have to spend more time in general when you make love to a granny, ya can't rush anything. But man is it worth it, I think when a granny gets a c** shot on her face for the first time she suddenly realizes what she's missed all those years and after that she will want all the j*** a going.
    I live with a women who is 72 and I am 23, we have wonderful s** that lasts for ages because we take it so slowly. btw my parents do not approve.

  • I am an 81 year old Great Grandmother and you sound like the man for me. I haven't had a load shot on my face for years, I would really like one right at this moment.

  • Good for you, pity your a lesbian

  • Don't think she is, she is bi.

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