I'm 19m and I've recently been flirting with a 25f and she turns me on sooo much and I'm pretty sure she knows it. Only problem is she's my sister :-/

We have been spending a lot of time together recently and when we were in a shop earlier today she tried on a perfume and the assistant came and said to her that her boyfriend (I.e. Me) should buy it for her. She never corrected her... Afterwards when I said that people obviously think we go out she said she didn't care. When I said I didn't care either she just kind of smiled and gave me this look... I can't explain it, but basically I told her that I thought she was hot (believe me, she is) and she said I was "totally hot" too.

Nothing has happened but I think it might?? I really want it to :-/

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  • Any holes a goal mate ! F*** her and enjoy !

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