My sister

I never felt sexually attracted to my sister growing up. She is only 1 year older. When were young i have memories of her telling me to lay down, she would them unzip my pants, pull down my underwear and squeeze my p****/testicles. She called it playing doctor. I remembet liking it back then but i realized when i think about these events in the present i get extremely aroused. I think this is because she kinda introduced me to sexual feelings in a way, so i associate them with her.
I cannot hide though that i still find her to be very sexually attractive ( large perky b****** and very full butt that makes me want her to sit on my lap and feel my c*** on her p**** lips)
I can not help but be aroused. I obviously never wanted her to know that she turned me on and can make me hard as a rock in seconds.. she did find out though, which was the most embarrassing day of my life. I literally got a 100% full erection sitting next to her at the beach. The only choice i had was to tuck in in my wasteline.
There was really nothing i could do at that point but look down and pretend it wasnt happening. She did see it after a few mins, she joked and asked if i needed to apply more sunscreen. We both laughed just out of emberassment i guess. This was a very exciting experience for me, my d*** was so hard and she saw it!
Many of my friends over the years have also been sexually attracted to my sister (they would talk and joke directly to me about her b******, ass, p****, etc all the time).. i would daydream about my friends f****** the s*** our of her p****, which i really wanted to happen.
Two of my really good friends had s** with my sister and i she didnt know that i knew. My friends thought were shocked that i wanted this but i just told them to tell me everything they learned about her body. They both said the my sis wanted to lick their testes. The thought of my friends b**** in her mouth make me so happy. Her lips are perfect for wrapping around c*** and it gives me a b**** thinking of her p**** getting f***** hard.. now i daydream all the time about my sister getting railed in the ass while her perky t*** are bouncing and she is rubbing her c***. Her b****** are perfect, every time i see her in a bikini i get aroused immediatley and i have to push it down my erection. My last sexual encounter happend with her a few years ago when we vacationed in miami. Me and her shared a bed and my parents shared the other. Earlier in the day i had caught a glimpse of her naked b*** because a wave knocked her strapless top off when we were swimming. Already h**** from that, i wanted to c** that night. I waited for when i thought she was asleep. Then i pulled my patns down under the covers and started stroking me c*** inches from my sis. She was facing away from me with her butt sticking out towards me. She was wearing royal
blue sweats with no thong or panties. I remember the amazing feeling of pressing fully erect d*** against her butt cheeks. At this point i felt like she was asleep so i very lightly reached around from under her tshirt and exposed her titz which was easy because she wasnt wearing a bra. I almost came as soon is i tocuhed her t*** because i was still keeping my d*** lodged between her cheeks. Then i got the great idea to just slide the sweats downa few inches. Ill never forget the feeling of my hard c*** directly touching my sisters round exposed butt cheeks. I used the light on my phone to look at her naked ass. I saw her p**** too because of the way her butt was. I recall shoving my p**** in between her cheeks which felt amazing. My b**** were flush against her a*** which felt awwsome. So i came on the very top of her crack and let my c** drip down her crack. Some did actually reach her a****** and her p****.


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  • My sister gave me my first b******* she pulled her panties down I looked at her slit she was just starting to grow hair I was younger by one year after she was done sucking me she for on the bed she told me to put it in her smooth slit I did what she said so I guess she was my first lay

  • Very realistic story. Yhansk!

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