Yesterday I was feeling really

Yesterday I was feeling really depressed about so many things that I let myself cheat on my husband. I was trying to get together with an ex-boyfriend and potentially would have had s** with him. But he wasn't allowing himself to be sucked into that scenario.. he is strong and good. SO instead i responded flirtatiously with a man who was flirting with me... and i ended up going to their hotel room and messing around with both of them. It was something of a fantasty to have 2 men touching me and wanting me.. but I really felt nothing inside.. not much pleasure, not any guilt. I felt sexy and desirable and alive. I wasn't thinking about my dad dying, my problems with my husband, my unemployed status, etc, etc. etc. I even called the hotel room today and left a voicemail with my phone number saying if they are ever in my city to give me a call. I did not have s** with either man, but I probably would have with the one who i found very attractive... he said he was married too. and he didn't want to have s** either, but we did have oral s** and a lot of kissing and touching all over. I even now kind of fantasize that i could leave my husband and run away with this man. i have been lonely and aching for sexual contact above the way my husband and i infrequently interact. I am not miserable with my marriage.. i do feel trapped though and that i never should have married my husband. i feel empty right now... kind of desparate.. wishing the man would call me and i could feel sexy and desired again. i know i need to separate/divorce my husband for the sake of my future happiness but i am afraid of being alone and regretting divorcing him. i fear i have a "grass is greener" mentality. I may be correct in trusting my gut, but i still feel like a failure for making the decision to get married to someone i didn't really want to be with.

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  • dont listen to anyone... just listen to your heart.... not your body....

  • You should sit down and have a talk with your husband and tell him how you feel. And see if you guys can't work this out. Because really I think the issue starts there. But don't use s** as a substitute for your emotional needs. And if you have talked to your husband already about this then you should maybe seperate. Move out and get your own place and live by yourself. This way you will be able to answer some questions about him and whether you even want to think about coming back. Then if you don't then leave. And you leaving will be what's best for him if you don't want to be there. It's best you leave and let him find somebody that will love him back the you don't. I would just caution you not to make a hasty decision because those are the ones you regret.


  • Why are you so selfish? For your future happiness? What about your husbands? He was the one who was wronged.

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