Have you ever feel the same as I do

I have a friend. I treats him like a family and stuff. He's always make fun of people. Call them names and s***. And then, One day I decided to give him what he deserves. So I said some nasty sarcastic inappropriate words to him. And so you know ! What I have said ain't nothing to compare for what he said. Not even near half. So , long story short. He got mad at me. He said "How could you ! What have I ever done to you?!!" B****, hear me out. You selling s*** about others stories and you acts innocent for this time ? You know that s*** I said hurt. But when it comes to you. You hurt as f*** ? Damn f*** off

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  • I knew a few of those People in my life. Had names for them, and I don't think he really liked anyone. One day I'm not in a good Mood and he starts his BS about someone and I just go off on him. I tell him the biggest a****** around here is YOU! Yeah he got p***** at me also, just like your Friend. Good thing is I don't have to hear that crap anymore! Glad you said what you had to say!

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