Scotland holiday

We were on holiday renting a caravan from a guy at Fort Augustus in Scotland on a small caravan site. The site was just a small walk from the River Dee. The guy (Keith) came the first day introducing himself and telling us about the area. It was the second day that I asked Jen if she wanted to go and do a spot of saucy posing at the River seeing how she'd packed a couple of her sexy nighties just in case I asked because she has posed before in the open. She was game for walking down to the river which actually was one of your typical rocky rivers with plenty of bushes on the riverside making it very private. Jen is on the chubby side but with all the curves in the right places and both of us in our early 30s. Right from the start she started stripping out of her ordinary cloths making a point of seductively caressing herself as she stripped. By the time she was standing completely naked on the riverbank I was rock hard myself and actually said should we not bother with the pictures but she said she was in the right mood for the pictures session. First she put on the shorty nightie and sat on a rock provocatively with her legs wide open then changed into her white see-through nightie walking around with me taking pictures as she flaunted herself. She finished putting just her black knickers bending over pushing them down until they were at the top of her legs showing her luscious bottom pulling her cheeks apart so that I could take a couple pictures her p****. She finished dressing back in her cloths heading back to the caravan Keith (the caravan owner) came from nowhere greeting us asking had we enjoyed ourselves saying did we like the views because he had making a point remarking he liked the shorty white nightie the best. He went on to say he came earlier but with our car still at the caravan he assumed we were having a walk somewhere. He must of been watching our private pictures session and went on to say that Jen is the perfect build and was dead envious that he couldn't see more asking did she do that sort of thing regular but now Jen although embarrassed surprised me admitting yes she did and sometimes she goes further with my mate. He went on inviting us to his place that night for a drink because he's got a couple of mates coming and would love us to meet them. We agreed but after he'd gone I said did she realise it might go further but the answer was yes but only if I agreed. Heck it is a perfect dream I and always enjoy watching her with my mate but this time it's possible with perfect strangers. Jen showered and changed into her dress with buttons up the front taunting me asking me if I thought they would like it. Driving to his place she was getting worked up it is very rarely I see her this hot. Keiths cottage was definitely remote. He welcomed us remarking how gorgeous she looked even with clothes on making her blush a bit. The other two arrived but it meant that Jen was the only woman. I thought she might feel uneasy but she revelled in the attention she was getting and with the banter getting very suggestive. Later Keith suggested playing cards first betting a few pounds we were on a winning streak making £50 then Keith upped the stakes to the caravan rent free and £100 if we lost Jen would strip. We lost but Keith gave us the option double or quits with Jen being a s** slave for the night. I thought this was going too far even for Jen but surprisingly she actually agreed but also telling me that this was my ultimate fantasy. We lost again so with no more messing around the atmosphere changed completely with Jen being ordered to strip and let them have a feel of the goods they had just won and to bend over like she had earlier which Keith had seen and how raunchy she had looked . All I could do was sit and watch my wife first strip and bend over smiling at me first telling the guys brazenly she was all theirs. All three guys moving in making Jen unzip them in turn then she was fingered, groped all over until I saw and heard those familiar signs and sounds of her cuming not once but twice only this time it was with three complete strangers not me. She was completely out of control letting them do whatever they wanted and willingly gave them full blow jobs actually swallowing and having their s**** all over her head. But still not finished all of them including Jen were ready again but this time actually f****** her in turn missionary style with her ankles held back to her shoulders so that her F**** and a*** were pointing straight up finally in the doggy position with them holding onto her shoulders ramming her F**** with their D**** looking like ramrods but also wet with her love juice until in turn they came either inside her or pulling out shooting c** all over her back and bottom. She was the only one completely naked all this time. They actually had the cheek to ask us if we would meet again the following night and telling me what a saucy b**** I have for a wife

Aug 18, 2015

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  • Another great post Jen, your a dirty b**** of a c*** monster and I love it. Jane xx

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