Wife watching

My wife is in her early 30s and quite chubby but it doesn't stop her flashing when we are out and this time we had gone out of town to a pub we have been to before in the country Jen was dressed in her zip up dress, which she had made herself with Basque see-through knickers and stockings she looked dead sexy particularly as we were driving there she was constantly pulling her zip down teasing telling me that other men will be watching her obviously she was fired up herself but she wouldn't let me stop for a "quickie" before we got there teasing saying she didn't want to spoil her clothes. But when we got there they were having a disco night so we thought she wouldn't be doing any flashing but how wrong we were. We decided that we would stop for a quick drink and carry on to another pub but a couple of young guys came across asking Jen if she was the same woman who'd been there a couple of weeks previously because they had liked what they'd seen but weren't sure that Jen flashing wasn't just an accident that time and were hoping we will be going back. Jen started blushing a bit admitting it was her and done on purpose. The guys went on asking if I minded and I confessed got a kick out of watching my wife "showing off "particularly the comments she has said to her about her size and what they would like to do. The two guys went on inviting us back to their flat for a drink where it will be quieter and to meet the other flatmate. It was agreed that we'd follow them. On the way I did say does she realise that they mean it will be more than a drink and all Jen could say was that she hadn't dressed like that for nothing. By the time we got to their flat she was on fire and saying for me not to interfere mind you I was all worked up knowing that there will be some sexy fun and again she was playing with herself taunting me saying she was so wet. When we got there after having a drink and a bit of raunchy banter they challenged Jen to give them a proper flash because they were all having bets what she was wearing under her dress but I said perhaps she might do better than that and give them one of her strips and show what a proper woman looks like. I thought I had pushed her too far but how wrong I was because she just said they had better put some music on then. Within seconds the music was on and the middle of the room was cleared now with all eyes on my wife. The feeling in the flat was electric as she started to dance unzipping her dress showing her dead sexy undies and those luscious curves but now Jen really surprised me because instead of just carrying on went to each of them in turn inviting them to completely strip her naked. Obviously everybody was really worked up with all three guys openly feeling Jen as they had been taking the rest of her undies off. By now all three of them had their very hard D**** out with Jen telling them that she was all theirs reminding me not to interfere. Over the next few hours she was groped and played with in all holes until she was having multiple o****** at the same time giving them blow jobs swallowing their s**** before they really started mauling her t*** and continuously wobbling her fatty bits. I was going to stop them carrying on but just one look at her face and the moans of her cuming told me she was enjoying it. But also the guys were saying to me what a randy b**** I have for a wife and that it is only right that I share her around. All I could do is agree. The night finished off with her in the doggy style with one guy underneath another one taking her in the a*** and the other filling her mouth so she was "airtight" as they say but wow what a sight with the only person completely naked was my wife between three young guys. Although when they finished and we all calmed down Jen did admit that it was one of the best nights she's had particularly the controlling and rough bit and actually agreed to meet them again if it was okay with me and yes was my answer because it was my ultimate fantasy come true. So if it happens again I will write in the confessions page

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  • Wow! I wold love to f*** her too. I've been wanting my wife to f*** another guy/s in front of me but afraid to pursue it.

  • Another great post Stuart, Id love to f*** Jen. I adore chubby women

  • My wife Jane introduced me to Jen and your post, they inspired us to get other men to f*** Jane. Jane is also chubby with 42gg t*** and a real fat s*** now and I love it.

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