Swimming baths

After our time at Barmouth and the first time at the nudist beach we found out that a local swimming pool does nudist swimming on a Sunday afternoon once a month when they are closed. We both decided to give it a try. Watching my wife stripping off in the changing rooms but not putting a swimming costume knowing other people are going to see her naked particularly with her being pretty chubby but definitely all woman was already getting me going.. Leaving the changing area it was time to see who was in the pool. Unfortunately they were all in the sauna though but what a surprise we had when we went in because Jen was the only woman and with the age range of the men roughly between 30 to50, and with Jen only early 30s she was perhaps the youngest. I thought that she might want to go but all she did was to ask one of them to move up and give her room to sit. Again like Barmouth it was me who felt slightly embarrassed being totally naked but I could see already that she was getting a bit worked up because I could see her nipples getting harder which is a sure sign she's enjoying it.
During the next half-hour she was definitely the centre of attention with a couple of the men visibly getting hardons and not trying to hide them in fact one of them cheekily asked her if she wants to try it out, but she just said something like not before a swim. After that remark the general chat was about all of us going into the pool. We were all fooling around with her constantly groped, I think she was just as bad with four of them; the other two were just swimming. We finished the afternoon back in the sauna with one of these four guys (named Brendan) inviting us all back to his place because his wife's away for the weekend and perhaps we'd like to share a bottle of wine or two.
It seemed funny getting dressed again seeing these guys in everyday clothes, but all the way back to his house she was openly worked up, asking me was I okay with her because she really felt at ease with them (I think she actually fancied a couple of them) although they were just normal looking guys and a few years older than us. Brendan's Just had a hot tub installed in his garden inviting us to try out while we drink the wine. He showed us straight in the garden surrounded by trees saying it's completely private inviting us all to get naked again. I thought actually when we were invited this was going to happen. So here we were in the open air all watching each other stripping particularly watching Jen because it always turns me on knowing other men are watching her get naked. This time though it was different than the public swimming pool meaning the guys were openly complementing her "voluptuous body" (this was just one of the comments she had) although she said that they looked great themselves but asking could they satisfy a woman properly (I had rarely seen Jen act like this she was definitely acting like a hot sexy b****). She had plenty of help getting in the hot tub, she was openly getting groped and roughly fingered even in her bottom although she was just as bad openly caressing and touching their b**** and D****. Brendan told her the best place to sit was just in line with this waterjet where she would get the best result. The jet was right in line with her F**** and WOW within minutes she was having multiple o******. To see her visibly shaking with pleasure while four complete naked strangers watching was out of this world. They obviously were all very hard, so with Brendan inviting us all back in the house where we could be more private and perhaps Jen would like the real thing (with that cheeky smile on his face) AGAIN she didn't want encouraging but asked him to lead the way. So with all of us still naked he led us straight upstairs. She provocatively lay on the bed seductively opening her legs saying she can't get pregnant and inviting them to join her. Although we've had threesomes before this was a proper "g*******". I sat to one side just watching and playing with myself while during the next couple of hours they took turns f****** her with the ultimate her being made "airtight" something I had never seen before but one of them had said afterwards it means all holes filled and yes at one point she was giving one of them a b******* while another one was filling her F**** and yet another was taking her anally although this left one of them just wanking he made sure he came at the same time as the others all over her body because just before they made her "airtight" all of them had decided to hopefully come at same time. Apart from the one taking her anally who finished off wanking over her back leaving Jen covered in s**** but definitely satisfied, because she had loads of o****** during this "g*******". Between them they helped her shower and clean up after finishing of with Brendan inviting us all to stop again when he is left "home alone". Needless to say we all said yes each giving Jen a quick cuddle and kiss before they went on their way


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  • My wife and I also attend a "naked swim club" in our area. My wife is a pretty slim 50 year old latina. We have been married for 25 years. The club evenings are mostly attended by men aged 45 to 70 years old. On the weekly Sunday evening meet there are always about 15 men and at the most 2 or 3 women. My wife immediately enjoyed all the attention she got and it was lovely to see her naked between 10 nude men in the sauna and also very tightly surrounded by men in the Jacuzzi. My latina sweetie always was very h**** after those naked swims as she told me how the men never missed an opporunity to touch her, rub her bum and especially in the Jacuzzi slipped their hand between her legs and rubbed her clean shaven p****. As she never protested all men soon new that she enjoyed this and the men had worked out a rota who would sit next to my wife. My wife enjoys and we have invited quite a few of the men who became our friends to our house where they were able to get to know my wife even better.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun.

  • It isn't a story made up but it happened in real life

  • Well aren't you just the perfect p*** story teller. You must write erotica for a living.

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