Video arcade

I once took my girlfriend to a s** store with a adult arcade. I made her strip totally nude and get on her knees and start sucking i also stripped. that's when I saw a hand come from the unfinished bottom of the booth. she was pretty wired at the time by jumped up when she felt the hand under her p****. she tried to jump up but I held her down to keep suckling. she was so embarressed. that's when we realized the stranger fingering her took our clothes. she panicked there were no doors. then we were told to go to booth 11. I was told to sit down and watch . she was told for each b******* we got one pc of clothes back. then we noticed the 12 inch BBC thru the hole. she was told to get to work. and reluctantly she did. after she made that giant d*** come she was told to go from booth to booth and start sucking. she did it but had no choice. .they even took pictures of her on her knees. we didn't know. but they told her they would expose her sucking bbcs unless she was there every Friday ftom ten till midnight. now every Friday we have to go there while she sucks anonymous c**** like a w**** .and she has to swallow or take the loads on her face...

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