Just a little frustrated.....

Oh......FML.........So, lately ive done some things out of the straight and narrow lifestyle I live. Earlier this year, I started a relationship with a married woman. A mom from my LL team. And then another relationship. With another team mom. And then my ex wife started coming over........none of them know about the others. Gosh it was akward to have all 3 sitting in the same dugout after the last game this year. Never been more nervous in my entire life. And then a co-worker came on to me; so yeah, you guessed it. It was a busy summer to say the least. But summer is over and I had to make a choice. I came back down to earth. I chose the non-married baseball mom. Big mistake. She turned out to be crazy. I mean, "i don't talk about my problems crazy". I work ''70 hours a week so I don't have to think or deal with issues'' crazy. "I don't tell people how I feel" crazy. Its frustrating as h***. Never put myself out there before. I finally do and I get burned. Bad. Absolutely heartsick now.

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  • I swear loey lane said she was married and had a baby and now she says she has never had a baby and she never talks about her husband and several video titles intermediate that they broke up but she never said so. is nuts or what? cheat.

  • Get out before she traps you and it's too late - you owe her nothing.
    GET OUT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drop her and go back to one of the married ones - much less complicated and married women are usually more s**-starved.

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