My mom doesn't let me be happy

My mom is a person that's difficult to understand or get along with. When she doesn't like something, or when she's upset, she also tries to make everyone else around her upset as well.
When I do something wrong, she takes away my happiness, the things I have.
It started when I wanted to get contacts. She doesn't like the idea, so she complained a lot. She kept saying that the contacts would make me blind, even though that has no chance of happening.
I've been going to church on Sunday the past few weeks, and I have to say, it's the happiest I've been in years. And my mom just can't wait to take that away from me.
So today, while I was taking out my contacts, I accidentally poked part of my eyeball, making it turn red. I didn't want her to think it was an infection, so I told her what happened. However, she took that as an opportunity to say that contacts were bad for me, since the contacts apparently made blood vessels appear in my OTHER eye, and that I should never wear them again. I snapped back at her, because she was being unreasonable. It's the end of a long day, and I've been really busy. What gives her the damn right to say that my eyes aren't supposed to have blood vessels? She was the one who doesn't know anything about eyes. Apparently she got angry that I was trying to reason, and said I wasn't allowed to go to church anymore, because church influenced my bad attitude, and that school is starting soon. She's rarely around me most of the time, and it seems like she doesn't know that I'm stressed. She's trying to take away my happiness, and I can't help but snap at her whenever I try to reason with her. She said that I can go back to church when I turn 18 (in 3 years) but I really want to go next week. What should I do?

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  • You could pass your GED when you turn 16, move out or get emancipated, and get a job. Save your money to go to college (start at a junior college) so you can move forward with your life and be successful with whatever you pursue. The further ahead you go, the more you'll look back that living with your mother is a blip on the screen in your life. Good luck. You can do this.

  • F****** c***

  • Contacts can and do cause blindness - my sons optometrist has told us this (He studied at Harvard University).

    Forbidding you from going to church is wrong of her. Your best bet whether you feel your right or wrong is no not argue with her - you can pray at home also. I wonder if she is too tired to take you there?

    Good Luck

  • Your mom sounds like she has a mental illness. The only other reason I could see a mother not allowing their child contacts is because maybe they are not responsible yet. You can't wear them for too long. Is your father around? The church thing I have no idea... If anything, you would think she would encourage that. I would suggest sitting down with her and talking about things, but something tells me she's unreasonable. I'm sorry, this is happening.

  • Try to find fellowship in other ways? Most churches have smaller groups within the church... Like teens, young adults, married, etc. Those groups don't always necessarily meet "at church." ask people you've met at church which families hold Bible study in their homes. Basically... Don't lose those connections to your community or your beliefs....without necessarily disobedience.

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