I stumbled upon a dead body

I had a black friend and no one had seen his older brother in quite a few weeks. We all thought he had gone somewhere else to live.

We lived in a very rural area and there were plenty of fields complete with dense bushes and trees. There wasn't much to do there except walk in the woods and not much else.

One day while my friend and I were trying to figure out what to do we were in the woods when a thought came to my mind. It was a feeling of deja vue.

There was an overgrown gully deep in the forest and there were no paths leading towards it. It was a wash out area that had bushes covering it so that it was not clearly visible.

I had been there once some years ago when my grandfather who owned this land had allowed a pulpwood company to harvest some trees and this gully was visible.

I really had no reason to go there and its existence was in the back of my mind.

Approaching this gully was difficult as there were briars and bushes with no paths anywhere in the area.

I finally got there and there was my friends body in a skeletal state. I got the H*** out of there and ran home. My friend freaked out and ran home. Then he came back because no one was home.

I dialed the operator and at first she didn't believe me. She thought it was a crank call.

She finally put me through to the local police and when they got there I led them to the body.

No one knows how he died. There were apparently no clues anywhere.

This happened in 1955 and things were a lot different then than they are now. No 911 to call, rotary phones and disbelieving operators.

This was sixty years ago and to this day the memory sometimes freaks me out.

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  • I wish I was a cop to arrest people being violent on cruise ships and buses to wave the badge or once they see you in uniform they back off.

  • This is why I want to become a police officer in a special branch section to put a stop to the commute bullying and violence and as soon as they see the uniform or badge and booking people for violence It would feel really good. and to be an intelligence agent as well because so much crime going on and being a person who is sharp and picks up on things cuz a lot of police today do not see the bigger picture. they don't follow up enough on suggestibility when people can't tell you but have a gut feeling. the gut feeling is there for a reason.

  • I'm sorry you seen that :/

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