Cops only protect themselves

At the age of 11 I was brutally beaten by my father, an officer of the **PD. I do not wish to go into the details of my beating, but it left me with a black eye, broken rib, and sprained wrist. He lived in an apartment at the time so I had to run down stairs to get away from him. When I got to the street I briefly glanced back and saw him get into his truck so I had to hide somewhere not accessible by car. I ended up hiding in bushes and I called my mom because I did not think the cops would do anything. My mom came to pick me up and I explained to her what happened so she took me to the police station. They made me wait almost 3 hours until I was interrogated. I now understand I was so the redness on my wrist would go away and the swelling around my eye would go down. They were trying to protect him already. Finally, they called someone from his precinct to ask me questions in which she told me, "you deserved it" or "I would've done worse". After about a week, Child Services also came to talk to me. About a month later, we got a letter saying all the evidence and my interview "went missing", so my dad could not be guilty. To this day he walks free, with a gun in his belt and he continually harasses me, but the police do absolutely nothing because he is one of them.

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  • A few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch. There's a lot of father that also did that and they were not cops.

  • That still doesn't excuse them cover-up his behavior! Everything in a uniform doesn't deserve respect when they do something abhorently wrong. Why should this particular cop be exempt from the law? What gives them the right to toy with the justice system to "protect their own". Shame on you for glossing over this poor child's trauma.

  • Not surprising.

  • I saw an a****** who became a cop after he graduated college who abused his sisters while his father who was a cop just watched and when the girl complained he said "what do you want me to do? Slap him?"

    The father died and I say f*** him.

  • Sorry that happened to you.

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