My "friends wife "

Okay, first off excuse the punctuation errors or grammatical errors that may occur. Now I am 24 now what I'm going to say was only a year ago; this was a time in my life when I was down and out no place to stay and just barely making it, my "friend" who is questionably gay ,but also has a beautiful wife (no exaggeration ) she is a 5'2-5'3 long blonde hair that goes to her back ,very fit like a fitness model ,but more like a gymnast (with bigger b****) ,blue eyes and nice personality aswell. Well my friend who used to deal with gay p*** addictions and also bi-relationships was a virgin before he got married ,he only did the foreplay things with men and women; I'm giving these details for a reason, more over he let me stay with him and his wife to get on my feet and save money etc., we'll the problem was I have a addiction to p*** but I was fighting it and going cold turkey , I remember the first day it happened: it was me and his wife in her car she was driving me to go to a birthday dinner for him and I remember the urge coming to my mind to "pull out my d*** and wave it in her side vision while she was driving. Well I couldn't fight it ,I literally pulled out my c*** and waved it ,slowly stroked it etc., I would look over to see if she could see my gully erect 9inch p**** (I'm a Italian &puertorican man) I could tell she thought she was just imagining things and she didn't look over she just kept driving , I busted a nut (felt like crap) and decided I was crazy and just pretended it never happen. Well over a week or so passes and I find myself in the house with her more often "alone".. she wears tight yoga pants and at times her thong shows.. ,again I feel the urge to just pull it out And stroke it to make it obvious this Time ,but I don't I just walk away into another room. Eventually she asks me to help her with a school project (she is in collage for nursing ) so i do--- I begin to draw on a eraser board all of the parts she has to memorize for her test(we are now in her and her husbands room) I then sat on the bed while she sat next to me ,she read her book sitting up and I decided "hey I'll lay back on my back and pull my hard cocktail out and she is so close to me she can't miss it." So I did but there was a t.v that was off across from us and ,that's how she saw it, she just stared with those big blue eyes and started to read her book and would look up again but not say anything., shortly after her husband came in I remember getting my d*** back in my pants so fast it was like brush burned at the tip from how fast I had to stuff it back. Well admittedly I flashed her all the time , and the most memorable was when her husband got p***** at her they argued (they always argued) and he left ,it was late and I expected him to be back but he didn't ,I asked his wife is he coming back and she said "no he is over a friend's for the night " she seemed sad and p***** but I knew flashing my p**** wasn't he right move so I kept my distance and he hen it kind of came to my mind "go get her husbands clothes out the laundry downstairs and wear it,with his jacket and walk in the room and lay next to her" in my mind she would think I was her husband coming back etc., it was a scary thought because if I was caught it would go bad ,considering she wasn't unfaithful. And so I decided I would do it ,there room was pitch black and I figured it could work, the only thing is her husband is a black man lol so I'd have to hope she was sleep and wake her up with kisses not talking. I went it the room laid next to her and got under the covers , I kissed her neck and moved to her breast and then lifted her night gown and started to lick her c*** and she woke up! And said "mmm I'm made at you " and I knew she thought it was her husband ,I kept eating until she was soaked , I knew I did it better than him and she w'S surprised by the difference, I slid up with the hardest p**** I have ever had and slowly up and down motioned the tip in and then slowly worked my way in inch by inch, she kissed my and stopped and really looked at me (even tho it was dark ) I just kept getting deeper and I remember angling my p**** in the upward sharp to hit her g-spot, I have had alot of women tell me I was the only one to make them o***** in missionary so I was confident that she would feel so good maybe she would ignore her instincts . But she didn't , I got deeper and began stroking and she looked and said omg, what are you doing ,but I just kept going and she grabbed around me and said "why would you do this" I said "because I want you so bad " and she just held on until I made her c** and she was ashamed and asked me to just not talk to her . I explained it's my fault you didn't know so I'll take the blame, well she never told her husband and me and him aren't friends anymore despite the fact her never found out.

Mar 14, 2016

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  • You are a terrible desperate man but for some reason I got wet while reading this post.

  • You're every woman's worst nightmare. This post is not sexy in any way, shape or form. The fact that you think it is remotely should be in prison. Or if you think that's okay to take advantage of women while they are sleeping, passed out or otherwise should be locked up.

  • So you essentially raped your former friend's wife. How disgusting of you! How can you live with yourself?!

  • Seriously, what is wrong with you? Taking your d*** out and waving it around? You actually think that is what turns women on? And you continue do this and your friends were helping you out. But the worse part about this is that you say your friend's wife is ashamed.. YOU RAPED HER! She thought you were her husband. She NEVER consented to you. Just because someone may be "questionably gay" in your opinion and married does not give you any right to try to f*** their wife. You are lucky you are not in jail and that the only thing that happened was that they no longer want anything to do with you. You need to grow up. Learn something about how to be a real man and what real women want. Right now, you're a giant piece of s***.

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