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I'm a married black man whom is married to a black woman for 18 years. I do love her clearly and we get along perfectly.We are very happy together. I have a problem though. My s** drive is high and hers is not. She is just not simply sexual enough for me. I am really into this married white woman that I work with. We always greet and talk to each other whenever we cross paths. I occasionally buy her lunch and she always seems excited to chat. She is so damn sexy to me and I want to f--- her so bad. We never talk about s** or anything,but I feel as though we always flirt. We mainly talk sports and how our kids play sports.She brings her husband up every now and then but it's never anything bad about him. I really can't tell if she is really flirting or just being nice. She plays with her hair sometimes while talking. I can feel the tension between us sometimes because it seems like we are thinking of stuff to say while pausing a lot. I'm just scared to tell her how I really feel about her cause she might not have even had s** in mind. I want to have her so bad but I don't know how to go about it.
PS: Another female co-worker told me that this married woman I want just craves attention
I'm real and serious so please (what should I do)

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  • Man,the sexual race card again!!
    Talk to your wife about your sexual needs,I'm sure you'd be able,to work it out or compromise.
    Communicate with your wife man! Before you decide to take actions,into your own hands!
    Because it sounds like to me,you'd rather f*** that b**** at your work,instead of discussing things,
    with your wife!

    Are you sure you aren't making excuses,so you feel better about,contemplating intentions,
    to cheat on your wife?!
    It's sounds like you've already made your mind up! Sometimes the grass isn't always greener,on the other side!!

  • I think you should play it cool and careful. Things can blow up very easily, but if you take it real slow and keep every so slightly maneuvering toward the question of where she's at with things, you might be able to eventually f*** her. Since you seem good friends, I don't think sexual harassment is something to worry about at this time. But being too aggressive could affect your relationship with her. I'm a guy in your situation; my wife is not very sexual either, and I always keep my eyes open for a possible affair. I did have one a while back for several months with a co-worker who actually approached me. She just walked up and said, "Are you happy in your marriage?" I said no, and after that it was a piece of cake. You, on the other hand, don't have such an easy situation on your hands.

  • Don't listen to these guys. Think with your brain not you d***. Have you ever heard the saying "don't s*** where you eat"? According to, it means This phrase means "do not have romantic relationships with any co-workers." Basically, you don't want to make yourself uncomfortable (by potentially having a romantic relationship get ugly, or "s*******") at the place where you work ("where you eat").

    It's just a bad idea because it could go bad several ways. You could be misreading her actions (because that's what you wish she would want) and when you suggest an affair with her she could report you to HR for sexual harassment. Or say you are reading the signs right and she is willing to f*** you and you have an affair. These things rarely stay secret in the office and someone decides to tell your wife or her husband and all h*** breaks loose. Either you or she is forced to quit. Or no one finds out but you or she ends it and now you are forced to work together but it is very awkward. Don't s*** where you eat.

  • I like this one guy's confession.Take a look at it,for it may shed some light on your issue. Read all of it from the bottom up,its lengthy but full of good stories related to what you are going through. thanks

  • Its so simple bro,just ask the girl out to lunch one day and if she says yes,then you know you are on the right path.Don't explicitly tell her you want her,simply show it;just be kool calm and collected,don't try too hard to get her.She will just fall into place very soon and never wanna leave or let go. I guarantee you. Best of luck.

  • Wait for your chance, brother! Your time will come. She can't let go of a black d***!! F*** her right royally and take her to heaven! Tell us what you did.

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