Getting fingered in leggings

This story happened when I was 13.
I was sitting at lunch with my boyfriend and he put ha hand on the inside of my leg and he started to rub the inside of my leg. I spread my legs apart to let him touch my p****. He moved to my p**** and he started to rub me over my leggings. It felt so good. I started to moan and push my crotch in to his hand. I tipped my head back as I felt my self start to orgasam. I started to grind in to his hand even harder. After he put his hand in my very wet pants and started to rub my p****. At this point I was getting really wet and h****. I moaned as he pushed on my c*** and rubbed his hand over my p****. I was really getting close to my second orgasam. I let out a scream of pleasure as I felt the orgasam engulf my body and I closed my legs around his hand really hard. After he asked “ do you want to continue?.” I nodded my response. He slipped his hand under my panties. I could feel his hand starting to explore my shaved p****. He soon found my c*** and started to rub it with his thumb while he spread my p**** lips apart with 2 fingers and put his middle finger in me. He started to do small circles inside of me. That felt so good that I started to push his middle finger deaper in to my c***. He curled his middle finger up and started to rub my G spot and my c*** at the same time. This sent me over the edge and I screamed and just started to c** very hard. As I orgasamed my hips started to buck up. I was so wet I had to change in to my gym clothes after.

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  • I was bullied at school. I was a bit of a loaner. One day the Queen bee day beside me and asked if I'd like to be in her group. I was so wanting to have a friend and to be asked to join the "in" group. Wow. But just one catch. She ran her hand up my leg under my skirt and felt me up. I just sat there frozen. By the end of class I was confused but "in". I learned "in" and being felt up was better than being alone. Over time I just became part of the abuse thing. The Queen bee would allocate others to feel me up or allocate me to feel up some other poor girl who wanted to be"in".

  • Sorry you went through that hun..

  • I started playing with my girl friend when I was 13 and her 12. Did everything but f**k her. and we are still friends.

  • I was like you 13 when i began stoking my sister p**** she was three years old. She love my finger up her c*** . when she was nine i took her panties off and licked virgin p**** she would say oh yes Les me lick my f****. then one day she had just had a bath and was laying on her bed naked, i had just stripped to take a bath and as i saw her laying naked with her legs wide open i decided to f*** her, i said would like me to f*** you, she nodded her head and oh yes please. So i got on the bed and she opened her nine year old leg and i got between them and slipped my thirteen year old c*** up her c*** and started to f*** her, as i was f****** her my dad came in looked at my with my c*** buried in my sister and said when your finished it my turn i said ok and f***** full of mt c**. After i slipped out of her my dad got between her thighs and feed his seven inch fat c*** in her and f***** her full of all his c**. She was saying Oh daddy i love your c*** it bigger than Les's so her f***** full of his s****, as his c*** slipped out of her, seeing her take dad c*** i then got back on her and fed my hard c*** back in her and f***** again and give her her third load of sunk, then we three all collapsed on the bed. Y dad said how long have you been f****** her, i said this was the first time but i think i will be f****** her a lot more want about you. He said you and me both she's a great little f*** an't she. I said yes she is so what about mum dad then can i f*** her as well, he said she thought you had a great c*** and she wa'n't mind f****** you so go for it son. SO i made my way to their bedroom, but that another story.

  • Good girl, love to have had her at 3

  • You tell a wonderful story and I can't wait to read more that is so dirty and I am so hard

  • That is so f****** hot I wish I could have been the little girl in your story

  • You could share my daughter with me..

  • I could have done that to you too and wouldn't even make a song and dance about it sweetie. But I would have gone up a notch and f***** the s*** outta yuh.

  • Thirteen years old you moron. I can guarantee you that you would not come near my daughter or any other child on my watch..

  • I'm already f****** your daughter and she a great s****** and she can't get enough i my sixteen year old seven inch c*** up her c***

  • I dough that and she's only ten..

  • Love to have had your panties to sniff and taste and shoot my s**** over yours

  • She's thirteen years old..

  • Their never to young to f*** i know i f****** my next doors neighbour eight year daughter and she takes all six inches of my c*** deep in her c***.

  • Yes let me f*** her too

  • My parents were very open minded and supportive of s**. I think it's great

  • Open minded or not. Your thirteen years old and are a child. If you were my daughter. I'd have blisterd your bare bottom..

  • NO you wound not you 'd be jumping on the bed and sipped your daddies c*** up her and f****** her because a rock hard has no consensus.

  • Im a mother and yes. I would have giving her a spanking that she'd remember for days anytime she went too sit down in school or at home. Which by the way is only place she'd be allowed as she would be grounded with early bedtime and loss off privileges and a smacked bottom by myself or husband before early bedtime as said for a week. Like our kids rescive if their getting out off hand....

  • I wish i was your husband smacking her a*** because i would then get to massage the cheeks of her sweet young bum and maybe slip my middle finger up her young p**** and frig her off, an i can't think of anything better than slip my seven inch c*** up her sweet young ten year old c*** and f*** the life out of her what do you think.

  • Im Sorry mommy mom off four kids. I'd love you too play dirty games with them. I get wet when I'm spanking them..

  • Child abuse huh, well I have to tell you, I have twin daughters, aged ten and they drink, smoke and have s** with my approval.

  • Your a disgrace off a mother..

  • Wonderful mother you are. I'm sure when your children are in aa meetings or have cancer. They will look back and thank you. As for s** at ten years old. I realy d ought any off it and if it's true. You should be locked up for the rest off your life. I hope somebody in your family or neighbors find out. You are a horrible mother and dont deserve those little girls. You should hang your head in shame. Their just baby's and you are a joke..

  • I don't know how old you are now chicken. But that's way too young and be glad you are not my child.

  • You started too early. If you had not done this already I'd advise you to wait till your out of high school before fooling around like this.

  • You sound like my little girl. How did you even know about all that stuff at 13 hun and how old are you now......

  • Old enough to know i 'd like a nice c*** up my p****

  • I want to give it to you

  • Your a Spoilt selfish brat and I'd love too be your mother. How dare you be so bold..

  • You are one Spoilt brat. I'd love you too be my daughter and could guarantee you little girl. My husband and i would give you a spanking you would not soon forget. Don't know how old you are. But we have five children and none off them would be on site like this. Or give attitude or back talk. They would be grounded and sleeping in their tummys for days..

  • Your a child and get he'll off here. I hope your mom or dad find out and blister your ass good..

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