I love my kids and I'm good with them, but I hate motherhood. I hate relying on my husband financially and strangers blaming me for my autistic son not progressing according to the child experts' schedule. I'm doing my best and they can f*** off. Despite knowing that, I still feel badly. I feel like a failure. Phew. Thanks for letting me vent/whine. My advice to you out there is don't have children. At the end of the day, motherhood sucks. People never blame the father.

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  • Don't feel bad and ignore those armchair critics / unless someone has walked in your shoes they cannot really know how hard it is!

    You sound like a good mom who just needs to vent and a break once in awhile!

    I'll pray for you kiddo!

  • I LOVE BEING MOMMY TO MY BABY. dont discourage others cuz ur experience has been negative. Life is what u make it

  • Motherhood is the BEST thing to ever happen to me. I'm sorry it has been crap for u. But u can't just say "motherhood sucks" you have a bad attitude. Maybe your life wouldn't be so s***** if u had a better outlook

  • True, the mothers' do most of the hard work (if not all).

    I agree with you - when I see young girls in the grocery store with babies I don't think Awww, I think OMG girl your life is over what were you thinking.

    I was luckier than most, had my chikd when I was 36, got to life my life somewhat, and my child is healthy (thank you god); I just wish his father had kept his promise and been there for this child - but he didn't, so now I do everything alone - which is really no different than when I was with him.

    Like you said / girls think twice before you get pregnant

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