My father was right about death

My fater has a heart attack at age seventyseven and nearly died. His heart was temporarily saved but his kidneys were destroyed. He had to go on dialysis. Dialysis is horrible as I already had a friend who had to do that.

A few years later my father had another heart attack. He didn't diethis time either but he started saying this.

Life is for the living and he didn't want a funeral. He went on to say that the deceased ones friends stopped talking about them in three weeks. He had a third heart attack which killed him.

Ok so here I am sixtyeight years old and three of my best friends have died. One recently. In the case of the last friend who died he was a well liked and people really enjoyed his company.

He died Aug 9 of 2015 and guess what? The last time I was with his old friends no one said anything about him. I remembered my fathers words and he was right.

Mourning a lost friendship lasts about three weeks.

In my particular case I still remember them I just ran out of things to say about them. I do from time to time visit their graves and see that flowers are there and sometimes I say a few words.

There may or may not be life after death but when you die to appearances thats the end.

Go to any cemetary and you'll see more unvisited graves than visited ones.

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  • Sheer truthiness here. One that the naive and drama-hungry Instagram generation needs to hear again and again.

    Get your #mourning and #sososad selfies while you can, little narcissists. Because no one is going to care about your loss in under a month, and you'll have to find another reason to fish for sympathy from faceless strangers.

    I'd say "welcome to real life", but you don't have a clue and never will.

  • My father died of a Leukemia - he had it for 2 years before he passed. He said the same thing. "Life is for the living" and I agree.

    He still is to this day my Hero! I will never forget him.

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