[F,18] New Interest in Fursuiters

I was recently watching cringe compilations on youtube and came across a video of a guy in a wolf fursuit hugging kids at a mall (cute, not cringe!) For some reason his fursuit really caught my eye because it was really well made and I'm an artist so I notice these things. I started reading about the furry fandom and trying to track down the same fursuit. I came across the fursuiter 'CosmicWuffy'. His fursuit is amazing, he looks cute in person too and I found myself fantasising over him quite a bit. I just wanted to hug him! And I kind of wanted to f*** him too (in his suit ofcourse). I am in NO way sexually attracted to animals and I only find full, well-made suits of the canine, wolf, fox variety to be appealing. I enjoy furry art and love looking through people's fursuit references. I just can't stop thinking about my boyfriend in the suit, or cosmicwuffy himself in it! Also, he doesn't talk in his suit which I think makes it hotter! I have a pretty healthy attitude towards s** so I don't feel too guilty about this, however I do feel strange about the fact that SOME furries are into real animal s** and that for me is a no go zone! Anyone who cannot consent is off limits to me! My boyfriend thinks I'm just fooling around and having some fun with the furry thing, I don't think he knows just how much I want to f*** Cosmic and him in a fursuit. My boyfriend has a high heel fetish and I'm very accepting of it, I just don't want him or anyone to think that because I find a few specific people in specific fursuits attractive, that that means I am into real animals or everyone with a bit of fur on.

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