English girl doesn't want to leave America

This is a story that I personally hate to tell. A girl from London wanted to go to college here in Atlanta Georgia in the USA and for years I really didn't understand why.

She did well here at Georgia State University but I often wondered why she came here in the first place. She aways seemed sad. She has a business degree and she made mincemeat of the college courses

Her family wants her to come home but she doesn't want to leave the Atlanta area.

She didn't have a single close friend and always seemed sad. MY girlfriend finally found out why.

She had been sexually molested by her own father ever since she was five years old.

My girlfriend and I told her that if that was true she could of course stay here or if she went back she could turn her father in to the authorities in London.

She said no. She didn't want to hurt her mother and she just wanted to stay far away from her home because of the negative memories she had.

Like I said my girlfriend and I are her only friends here in Georgia.

Atlanta is an exciting place but she doesn't like nightlife being the quiet reserved person she is.

I don't know what to say to her but I did say this.

You don't have t to go back. You can stay here and get a job with your degree and good grades and to heck with London.

Shes worried that her father will come here and try to get her to go back home with him.

My girlfriend and I at at a total loss for words.

There are several things she could have done in London. She could have contacted childreach or the police or any number of other options but it seems her way of her situation is to stay here far away from her father.

Sep 14, 2015

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  • Have her contact rainn.org. It's a great organization and helps people who have been sexually assaulted. Talking to a counselor could really help her. Even if she never confronts her father - because that has to be her choice - she can still have an amazing life. It sounds like she's punishing herself and it's important for her to know that it was not her fault. And she deserves to have friends (like you and your gf) and find love and be loved.

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