I HATE my sons friend

My son is 13, his only friends mother is a pot smoking w**** who leaves her children alone constantly. The youngest is 7.

My sons friend smells, tracks s*** on his socks when he comes over. Has lied, stolen, given my son prescription pills and pot (prob got it from his mother) , he is also 13 and will just throw his food wrappers on the floor of my house (even though I have asked him to please use the trash can. He has overflowed my toilet, eats like Godzilla, skipped school, turned on my son before and tried to get the whole neighborhood to turn against him, and me by making up lies (gas lighting); he has also told me and another person that he hears voices in his head and wanted to know what that means.

He is rude to adults and argumentative!

I keep trying to forgive and like him, but he disgusts me / he has NO manners he once ate an egg over easy with his hands even though I provided him with a fork. He's sneaky conniving and just Gross. God please sends son a new friend!

Sep 16, 2015

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  • Other parents have cut their kids off from him too with no explanation as to why - but I know why I've seen it!

    Just a sad situation all around, I would never leave my kids to fend for themselves and let them be disrespectful it sets them up for failure!

  • Turning him into police would get me killed - not saying why either.

    His father is not around and never was I heard he was a pedo - not sure; and talking to his mom the master manipulator has done no good! She lies to everyone, she never does anything with her kids I think she keeps them for benefits sadly.

    Only solution I can find is to not allow him in my home anymore, no more money or gifts, and he'll either mature or he won't. I have also started setting some tougher restrictions on my child because he is the only one I can control.

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