My ex girlfriend left me and married someone else

Some years ago a girl I thought I loved decided that we should date other people. I didn't like that but there was nothing I could say to change her mind.

She dated another man and she broke up with me to marry him. It broke my heart but again there was nothing I could do.

Years passed and I had not heard anything about her and I never stuck my nose in her business.

Then news began comming out first about the birth of her son and then about her husband.

He was deathly ill with cancer. He was a Vietnam vet who had gotten cancer due to exposure to agent orange. He died several years go.

I personally never married but did this present an opportunity to get back with her?

No it does not. Shes at least three hundred pounds in weight. When I knew her she wasn't much over one hundred. How in the h*** she let herself go this bad I don't know.

I never want to see her again. I wish her well but bye bye.

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  • I'm the OP and no I don't want to see her again but she did try to friend me on facebook and I take that as an invitation back into her life. I have a girlfriend and I no longer need her. I do wish her and her child well though. She has a decent job and quite frankly she doesn't need a man anyway.

  • Dude, you dodged the bullet. She is way too fluffy and has excess baggage (a kid). Don't go back to her because you'll be the backup guy. Again. Don't look back. She has already told you by her actions that you're not the one.

  • Maybe she gained weight because she had a husband that was dying of cancer. Who cares. At first, I was on your side thinking..oh that's too bad, she left you. Yea, she's a b****..but then you wonder how someone puts on weight? Really? It's called life. She can take the weight off if she wanted. However, you can't change being an ignorant and insensitive douchebag. Maybe that's why she really left. You probably think you are still the stud you were back in the day. She was right to leave you. You're both better off without each other.

  • ^^^. Says the fattie.

  • I'm the OP and I didn't say this. You have a right to your opinionand maybe its me who is the j***.

  • ^^^says the douchebag.

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